Leather Appeal
Leather Appeal

Whether it is pants, dresses, skirts, culottes, shorts, or tops, you should have multiple leather pieces in your wardrobe. Letโ€™s go shopping!

Amazon Prime Day Sale 2020
Prime Day Sale 2020

Prime Day is Amazonโ€™s most significant annual sale event exclusively for Prime Members. Prime Day will be live from October 13th-14th.

How to Wear Shorts Into Fall
How to Wear Shorts Into Fall

I have a new love affair with shorts and I always love extending my wardrobe across seasons. I’m looking forward to wearing my favorite shorts into fall.

Day Dresses
Day Dresses

A day dress is an indispensable wardrobe piece for an effortless outfit. Wear it comfortably and surround with other layering pieces that bring you joy and happiness.