Why Blog at Age 50?

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Why I started blogging

When I told my mom I was starting a blog the year I turned 50, she stared at me blankly and said, “I don’t even know what that means.” I had to explain blogs and how they are beneficial to the readers and followers. They share similar interests, personalities, and lifestyles. Hopefully they will make a connection with each other that develops and matures over time. It’s almost like having a virtual friend that guides you in the right direction, gives you advice, and pretty much tells you how it is. After I explained to my mother about blogging, she then said, “OK, but why are you going to start a blog at age 50?” That took a lot more explaining over a glass of wine.

What Blogs for Women Over 50 Do I Follow

To be honest, I don’t really follow many lifestyle blogs. Most of them aren’t relevant to those of us over 50. The topics I naturally gravitate towards like fashion, beauty, fitness, and travel, unfortunately, skew towards people in their 20-30’s. I don’t have wrinkle-free skin to apply makeup. So, I have to I look for suitable tips for someone like me. I don’t want to travel to a resort where the highlight of the day is when the music cranks up, and the pool foam machine comes on. That’s just not my vibe anymore. Now I’m more into luxury, adult only resorts. I’m not absorbed in what a woman of 20 is wearing or even her 30s. I appreciate, and I’m curious about younger trends, but they are not as meaningful or relevant as they once were.

The blogs I follow are more ageless, like culinary topics, for example. Yet, overall, there seemed to be this large void of blogs for older fashion-forward and dynamic women. For women that were pushing the boundaries of their age group. The blogs that focus on a more mature age group seem to be a little fuddy-duddy (IMO). That’s not me, and nor is it a reflection of my friends. So, I can’t relate. Or maybe it’s just because I’m in denial of my own age bracket even though I’m a proud card-carrying AARP member, LOL. Whichever it is, I’m not there yet. I’m offering a perspective for the in-betweeners.

I’m Not a Natural Writer or Blogger

My younger sister used to journal all the time when we were growing up. I actually think she still does today (I need to ask her). The writing was something that came very naturally to her. She could write and express for days: personal thoughts, poems, music. I remember thinking as a teenager, she has a lot going on up there. I’m the complete opposite. I have many ideas in my head, yet I’m not one to express through speech or pen to paper. I’m definitely an introvert and not a big talker. Most of my friends would disagree, saying that I’m an extrovert. However, I pull energy from myself, not from others. I can be “on,” but it’s a learned trait, not one that is a natural expression of myself. I’m more of an observer.

So Why Am I Going to Blog If I’m Not a Writer or an Extrovert?

After graduating with an Interior Architectural Design degree, I started my own design firm, which is where my love of decoration took hold. After a few years, my career path unexpectedly took side twist into the beauty industry with executive roles in sales, marketing, and upper management with the Estée Lauder Companies as well as the luxury retailer Neiman Marcus. I went on to help develop emerging brands and became a PR spokesperson for several diverse online industries outside of the beauty industry. For the past few years, I’ve been guiding and mentoring independent entrepreneurs in the skincare industry. So I really have no experience as a writer. I guess a little bit in some of my marketing roles, but more from an editor’s perspective. I typically had staff or outsourced those responsibilities to the real experts. Mostly, I had little experience which would make this a natural transition into becoming a blogger. So why do it? Why start a blog at age 50?

Even though I’m older, my friends and colleagues were still asking for my advice about fashion, beauty, health, and overall lifestyle tips (some much younger than myself). I realized the guidance I was offering so naturally and effortlessly was due to my life experiences and my own personal interests. It was authentically me. I was expressing my own, sometimes expert opinions. It was easy. A couple of years ago, I started featuring short video clips on some of my social media networks that I called “Tips on Tuesday.” The topics were all over the board, but mainly about things I do on a daily basis that helped to improve my own life. People seemed to really enjoy them; so much so, that my friends noticed if I missed a post. I wanted to broaden my topics, get a little more in-depth on others, and reach a larger audience of other like-minded women. For the first time, I felt like my inside voice needed to be heard and that others might want to listen.

My Life Is Not Perfect, nor Is My Blog

I am very grateful for my blessed life. My mom always says, “I was born smiling, and I’ve smiled ever since.” I’ve had a successful career, I have a family that supports me, and a husband that genuinely adores me. Throughout my life, I’ve had many close friends. I have more girlfriends now than I did in high school or college. I’m surrounded by smart, successful, giving, uplifting, humorous, selfless, and inspiring women. They enrich my life in countless ways, and I’m very thankful for each relationship. They are my tribe, my Golden Tribe.

But life isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. Let’s be honest, myself, like you, have the same basic self-doubts, apprehensions, vulnerabilities, issues, and mistakes to correct. You will see a little glimpse into my life through professional photography, beautiful layouts, and me always smiling at you. But you will also notice some more thoughtful pieces, funny outtakes, and outright mistakes that I will share along the way. Such as life. From time to time, I will feature my girlfriends and colleagues that I highly respect who elevate and push the boundaries for women over the age of 40.

Thank you for following alongside me on this journey.

  • Heidi Bellerjeau says:

    Beautiful! So excited to have this resource instead of having to text you with all my questions 🤣 THAT’S IT, you did this for ME! I adore you and your style… but mostly I adore your HUGE heart and smile!

    • Golden Tribe says:

      Yes, Heidi I did this blog for you (and the other 50 million women over 40+ 🤣). I am so glad that you like the content and enjoy an easy place to find resources for your lifestyle.

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