The Evil Eye

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Evil eye jewelry

What a week! I am sure none of us have ever experienced a week like this in our lives. In spite of all the turmoil, it is good for us to have a close family network and wonderful friends to help us through this s… show.

I am lucky to have several different groups of girlfriends in my life. One local group, I call my “international girlfriends”. The first person I met was from Columbia, who later introduced me to her friend from Ecuador and then the Dominican Republic, Turkey, Pakistan, Brazil, Thailand, and so on across the globe. The diverse group has continued to grow throughout the years. Now there are over twenty of us girlfriends in this tight pack. We have partied together, traveled domestically and abroad, cried together, mourned together and celebrate each milestone with liveliness. We are thick as thieves and would literally do anything for each other or our families.

I remember after a short time of knowing these new friends, I noticed that several of them wore the “evil eye” jewelry. I had seen it many times throughout my life, but I honestly did not know the real significance of the emblem, just that it protected you from the bad heebeegeebees of the world. As the globe enters into unchartered territories with this new pandemic, we are all feeling the stress of the unknown that will continue to have a lasting ripple effect on us and our loved ones. At this point, anything positive can help. Enter — the evil eye symbol (seems like an oxymoron doesn’t it?)

The evil eye and its curse date back over 5,000 years. This iconic symbol is present across many cultures and religions, but most significantly in the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian faiths. A person can expose themselves to the evil eye curse by showing signs of arrogance, being stubborn, or bragging about themselves. The curse is often characterized by misfortune, a streak of bad luck, dwindling wealth, illness, etc. How could it get any worse??? I think it is time to bring on some protection!

The evil eye is one of the most widely recognized symbols of superstition. Despite cultural variations, it always has a similar meaning and visual appearance. For example, my Turkish friends often wear an evil eye, known as the eye bead. Which is characterized by either deep and/or light blue outer coloring along with white and sometimes yellow toward the middle. In the center of the bead is a black dot, representing the ever watching eye.

To protect yourself against the curse you can wear or keep nearby the evil eye symbol for protection. Using the evil eye as an ornament or amulet is meant to reflect the curse back at the person wishing you bad fortune. Around the world, you can find the evil eye on houses, vehicles, clothes, jewelry and many other objects to ward off the curse.

During these world-altering events, I am hoping for compassion toward others, caring for ourselves and family with a limited amount of essentials, while not hoarding at the expense of another. I pray we do not bring the curse upon ourselves. We can all ward off the evil eye by exhibiting humility, being reasonable, and displaying empathy toward friends as well as strangers. During this time of difficulty, we need to remember that each of us wants kindness, giving, compassion, and love to get us through these formidable days ahead.