Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2020

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2020

For me, it is not the Hallmark moments that I remember with my mom. It is the everyday interactions that put a smile on my face. When I was younger, it was the gentle kiss on the head, the reassuring smile, or the special feeling of nestling under the same blanket together. When I became an adult, the shared giggles over wine or watching her execute her signature dance moves further bonded me to my mother.

As Mother’s Day quickly approaches, I am thinking about what I can get my mom during these unusual circumstances. Typically we share an experience together like brunch, dinner or drinks versus a gift. However, for Mother’s Day gift ideas in 2020, my approach needs to adjust to these altered times. I actually think it is harder to buy for a mom as the years tick along. She most likely has everything she needs, buys what she wants, and has grown accustomed to specific items. Dads are relatively easy, moms for me are more challenging.

What Are Your Fondest Memories?

I am curious, what are some fond memories with your mom? Are they from childhood, a significant time in your life, or from experiences more recent? Is she funny, sentimental, generous, emotional, sweet, stoic, energetic, positive, serious, brave, chatty, social, easy-going, honest, kind, neat, or clever? If she is like my mom, it is probably an aggregate and slice of many characters; each one displayed at just the appropriate moment. Moms are intuitive that way. So how do you select from all the normal and humdrum Mother’s Day gift ideas in 2020? You let an expert lead you in the right direction to something more personal and unique to your mom, wife, friend, soulmate, grandmother, or daughter. If you are the gift giver, you will emerge the Mothers Day superhero for your excellent selection.

But what if you are the mom? Your significant other or kids have asked you what you would like for this year’s 2020 Mother’s Day gift. Your mind is blank. Blame it on the stay-at-home fog and endless days of doing everything for everyone else. Girlfriend, I got you. Make it easy on yourself and lead them here. If you want to be strategic, take a cue from my childhood holidays. I would scour through the Sears catalog (may it RIP) and turn down the pages and circle all my favorite items. Help them out a bit and specifically hone them toward one or two options with a link or screenshot. You are welcome in advance.

Gifts for All Budgets

For this Mother’s Day post, I have formatted the sections a little bit differently. Typically I classify by varying categories or styles. This time I have segmented the options by price to make it easier on the buyer. Additionally, within each group, the prices go from the least expensive to the highest price within that specific category. I think you will find this diverse and unique list will satisfy almost any mom.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Under $50

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Under $100

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Under $200

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Under $500

Luxury Mother’s Day Gifts Over $500

My mother and I are considerably close, we always have been (minus a few of my wayward teenage years). We ordinarily hug each other every time we greet and say goodbye. During these challenging times, I have limited my exposure to only vital drop-ins. I would feel dreadful if I inadvertently exposed her without knowing I was a carrier of this pandemic virus. When I see her now, we greet with remote air hugs. She just discovered her Bitmoji avatar has an “air hug” option. She is quite giddy to send that periodically throughout the week.

I was so looking forward to executing the first photoshoot with my mom for this Mother’s Day gift ideas post (not that she knew my sly plan, LOL). Although I must admit she does hate to have her picture taken. However, photos during this time of socially distancing would look a little awkward with my mom and I sitting on opposite sides of a 6′ couch wearing face masks. Not the look I was going for. I think I could have won her over with more candidate shots, so she didn’t have to pose. On the positive side, I have another year to hatch that one out and convince her it is a good idea.

I am blessed that my mom is still with me. Alive and kicking (she will be relieved to read that she is still breathing – LOL). Now that I am in my fifties, each year with my mom becomes more and more precious. It is true what they say — time flies. The past ten years of my life in some ways feels like the blink of an eye. I am trying not to blink too much as I would like to experience more treasured moments with my exceptional and outstanding mother.

Share Your Favorite Stories!

So whether you have a beautiful and heartfelt relationship or your mom drives you nutty, there is something for everyone in the options that I have provided. Although, if your mom is a crazy-ass bitch, then disregard everything I just advised and spend the money on yourself. On a positive note, share your most favorite mom experience in the comment section below. Maybe it is even about yourself as a mom. Especially during this time, I would love to hear your happy, funny, or memorable stories.

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