High Energy Smoothie Recipe

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High energy smoothie recipe

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I believe it. That is why I start almost every morning with a “super meal” energy smoothie. It boasts high levels of antioxidants and immune builders for a robust and healthy body and beautiful, glowing skin.

Over time, I adapted my smoothie recipe from the original Hilliard Studio Method Signature Smoothie. I customized it to my own needs and tastes. I assemble it, blend it, and then clean up in about 5 minutes or less. Bam! I am a multitasking ninja (what woman isn’t?), so I drink it as I am getting ready for my morning workout routine. If I am running late, I just bring it with me into the car and drink it on the way.

This smoothie recipe is based on protein and healthy fats instead of a lot of sugar items, and it will satisfy you all morning long without additional cravings. Honestly, many times I cannot finish the entire smoothie, and I need to come back to it after my workout. It is loaded with over 50 grams of protein and abundant nutrients with every hand-picked ingredient.

I have two smoothie recipe versions for you. The full version is the recipe that I drink daily. The edited version is a more streamlined and quicker option for those of you just getting your feet wet in the smoothie arena.

Full Version Energy Smoothie Recipe

How to Make

Grind flaxseed in a spice or coffee grinder. Next, add the ingredients into a blender and blend. Enjoy!

Edited Smoothie Recipe

How to Make

Add the ingredients into a blender and blend. Enjoy!

Quick and Easy Smoothie Tips

  • I pre-mix all my powders together in the correct ratios. If using the full version recipe, it’s about ½ cup of powders per smoothie,
  • I use lemon juice instead of fresh lemons. It is easier for me when prepping, and I go through a lot of juice, so it is more convenient. My juice is 100% organic without any fillers. I use about 1 Tbsp.,
  • I use frozen mixed organic berries instead of fresh. I never have to worry about pre-cleaning or weeding out the rotten fruit,
  • I pre-cut, peel and freeze the avocado segments when they are ripe,
  • I store the flax and chia seeds together in the same container, so it is easier to dispense at once,
  • I pre-cut fresh ginger and turmeric and freeze them together.

Smoothie Hints

  • I use elderberry extract instead of syrup as I try to keep sugar out of my diet,
  • Flaxseed cannot be ground beforehand, it must be ground right before use. I use a coffee grinder and grind both the flax and chia seeds together (because I keep them in the same container). Chia seeds do not have to be ground,
  • If freezing your avocado segments, try not to mush them together before freezing as it makes them more difficult to separate after they are frozen,
  • I leave the skin on both my ginger and turmeric for more nutrients.

High Energy Smoothie

After drinking one of these smoothie options, I feel like a superhero. I have a high level of energy, and I am ready to tackle my day. Enjoy the smoothie anytime you need a boost or quick meal on the go.