Hello Gorgeous!

Do you feel frustrated by the lack of female influencers over the age of 40 who are equally stylish and savvy? Me too! That’s why I decided to create Golden Tribe the year I turned 50. A lifestyle blog just for us โ€” not based solely on our age bracket, yet whose focus is relevant for any of life’s adventures. Gosh knows, we are not trying to look, act, or be 25.ย  It’s about being the best version of our awesome selves and enjoying life at the age we are today.

I try to surround myself with amazing girlfriends who are smart, successful, caring, humorous, and inspiring. Moreover, women who have ignored age boundaries and experienced life for all that it offers. They are fantastic individuals, and they are my tribe.

My personal tribe now expands to Golden Tribe, a broader community of women who share similar interests, like you. From time to time, I will feature some of my respected besties and colleagues who are prominent industry leaders in their own right. Yet, they are real, down-to-earth women with relatable advice. They are remarkable and you are going to relish them as much as I do.

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Holly from Golden Tribe