Why Every Woman Needs a Leather Jacket

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Why Every Woman Needs a Leather Jacket

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There is only one reason why every woman needs a leather jacket in her wardrobe — because we all want to look cool at some point. Period. Seriously, I can not think of any singular piece of clothing that immediately elevates an outfit to modern chic.

When I was a young teenager, I wanted one so bad I dreamed about it. I would cut images out of magazines and glue them to my notebooks. Even though I had current and trendy clothes, my style swayed toward preppy and conservative. Once I saw the movie Grease, and Sandy went from schoolgirl to badass, I knew I needed a black leather jacket to make the same, magical transformation. Well, maybe not as dramatic as Sandy. All I wanted was the cool factor nudged a little bit more in my direction, which is why I desperately wanted a leather jacket.

Luckily for my parent’s bank account and late-night worrying about their innocent daughter, I never received that jacket as a teenager. Fast forward about a decade when I was a well-established career woman living in Dallas, TX. I arrived at Northpark Mall, whipped out my gold card, and bought my first buttery soft, black leather jacket from A|X Armani Exchange. I had arrived as a sophisticated adult, and I walked confidently out as a badass.

Looking back almost thirty years to that first purchase is proof of why every woman needs one. All of the ways a leather jacket transformed an outfit back then still holds true for leather jacket fashions of today. From dressing up casual wear to adding a bit of structure to your business casual wardrobe to adding a little bit of spunk to a LBD, a leather jacket is the perfect modern layering piece. Every woman needs a leather jacket as it is the wearable, cooler cousin to your mom’s blazer.

Racer Leather Jacket

I love the style of a racer. It is clean and basic without a lot of details. It typically zips up the middle with a small mock color and a snap closure. If there were only going to be one leather jacket in your closet, I would make it a racer style. Its polished dimensions stop right at or just slightly below the waistline, making it attractive to almost all body types. The racer is an elegant workhorse that effortlessly pulls together your ensemble without distracting or stealing attention away from the rest of your outfit. This jacket style is one that will quickly become a favorite, and your friends will want to borrow.

Moto Leather Jacket

A moto jacket is a step up in the badass category over the more simple styling of the racer leather jacket. It is typically a cropped take on the classic biker jacket with side zip. The side zipper creates a relaxed layover collar when worn open. Whether you want to add extra edge and grit to an outfit or you’re trying to give off a carefree street-girl vibe, a moto jacket is the chic, versatile piece every woman should own.

Leather Bomber Jacket

Leather jackets have taken their practical cue from the transportation industry: from the car racing jacket (the racer) to the motorcycle jacket (the moto) and now to the flight jacket (the bomber). We originally stole these styles from the boys to make them oh so feminine chic, and there are no signs of us giving them back. The bomber jacket is one of the more masculine styles as the cut was initially for warmth. The leather bomber jacket typically has a zippered front and fitted (commonly elastic) waist and cuffs. However, there are some feminine and refined versions to be found.

Leather Coat

Probably the most luxurious of the leather jackets. If we could all afford one, every woman would need a leather coat in her wardrobe. I am still waiting for mine (hint, hint). A leather coat’s design keeps you warmer and gives you better protection from the weather. The reason they are typically more expensive is there is more material with a longer length.

Colorful Leather Jackets

If you have been following me for any length of time, you know that my favorite fashion color is black, and my second favorite color is off-black. However, even I get a little excited when I see the endless color options for leather jackets. It is literally like looking at shades of candy.

Faux Leather Jacket

Real leather is from the tanned hides of an animal; faux leathers utilize synthetic and or natural materials to emulate the look of genuine leather. Items that qualify as vegan or faux leather are manufactured from materials such as cork, barkcloth, glazed cotton, waxed cotton, paper, polyvinyl chloride, and polyurethane. The plastic versions are the most common materials used for synthetic leather. Just because the label says, vegan leather does not imply that it is a natural material. The bonus of a faux leather jacket is that it is typically a lesser expensive option.

Endless Leather Jacket Options Every Woman Needs

Getting dressed every day should be a lot of fun, fearless, and based on your favorite finds. Yet it should also be effortless and trouble-free. Having a leather jacket in your repertoire guarantees that you will carelessly present yourself in a chic and stylish way. Wearing a leather jacket is like walking into a party with your famous and charismatic friend. All you have to do is show up and you will be a badass.

Whether you want something to wow for a girls’ night out or to amp up your business attire, you’ll turn heads in any of these leather jacket options I have hand-selected. Let me know what you think! And as always, I am here to answer any questions.