Weekend Getaway Outfits

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I just realized that we had not been anywhere since the end of November 2019. Not one night away from home for almost ten months. Our calendar previously remained fully booked with trips abroad, memorable getaways nationally, and nearby weekend excursions. We love to travel. Yet this past weekend, we got away for the first time in almost a year. When we were presented with an opportunity to visit a friend’s secluded mountain home, we took it. I was so excited, practically a giddy schoolgirl. I felt like a child on Christmas Eve, and the day we were supposed to leave seemed like it would never arrive.

I missed everything about a trip, even the packing. Maybe it is my organizational skills that have me appreciating the process as much as the destination. Well, that might be a stretch, but I do enjoy getting everything ready. I love selecting, coordinating, and organizing clothes for a long trip and a quick weekend getaway. As a seasoned packer, it felt odd and somewhat foreign trying to gather outfits for our weekend getaway. It has been a long time. Yet, before I realized what had happened, I was multitasking and editing down my weekend getaway outfits as quickly as you can say, ‘firepit and s’mores.’

What I Am Wearing

One of my favorite outfits (pictured above) I took along for our weekend getaway was this Natori cocoon cardigan (size S), which is so ideal for layering on chilly mornings and evenings. I accidentally shrunk my husband’s favorite VINCE cashmere sweater, and now it fits me perfectly. Oops! Looks like the favorite sweater remains in the family! The distressed jeans (These are very comfortable and stretchy – wearing a 27. Typically I wear a 28 or 29) and booties (Size 7, should have ordered a 6 as they run big) I recently nabbed during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Shopping Tips for Your Weekend Getaway

Let us face it, sometimes we need a lower price to fit within our budget, other times an item prompts us to splurge. So, I typically try to showcase multiple options of a similar style or product at different price points. Either the prices list from least to luxe within a collection of comparable items, or I will show at least two price options of a similar style within an overall category. Either way, I try to cover a broader price spectrum depending on your needs.

When you hover over an item below, you will see the retailer, brand, price, and potential sale price. You can even opt-in for sale alerts. Just click ‘♡ Get Sale Alert.’ You will be notified each time the price drops. It is like driving up to your mountain compound in your Tesla truck just as the sun starts to set. The caretaker already has the firepit glowing with orange flames and has laid out blankets on each of the Adirondack chairs. A cheese and charcuterie board are waiting alongside a bottle of Bordeaux that has been opened to breathe. That is what a ‘♡ Get Sale Alert’ feels like!

Destination Weekend Getaway Options

Whether you are headed toward the warm coastal waters or to the brisk mountain air, I have you covered with fun all of your outfits for your weekend getaway. I have chosen some of my favorite weekend getaway destinations to pique your interest in your own mini-vacation. Even if you stay within your town or city, getting away might just be what the doctor ordered—a time to reset and connect to your inner self. As women, we spend too much time thinking, caring, acting, and doing for others. This is your time to take a little step back for yourself. So have fun and enjoy browsing carefree outfits to your next mini-getaway.

Desert Oasis

For those of you wanting to appreciate some dry, warm temperatures throughout the day (and great hair days!!), but would like a little nip in the air for nighttime cuddling. A desert oasis is a perfect way to appreciate time away from home while avoiding the crowds and savoring a peaceful experience. Enjoy day hikes, horseback riding, shopping at local boutiques, and sampling local cuisine are ideal for this quick getaway.

Water Views

Whether you are heading to the beach, a nearby lake, or even a pool, nothing beats the sunrise and sunsets views across the water. Whenever I view the beach or a lake, I immediately relax, unwind, and start to decompress from my current life stresses. Experience all the water has to offer and just chill with a cold cocktail and a good book. Find a local spot serving the day’s fresh catch for outside dining or for pick-up for a casual picnic on the water.

Mountain Sanctuary

This past weekend, we were fortunate to experience the best of both worlds – the mountains and a lake. Lake Lure is nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and is also one of the most beautiful man-made lakes in the country. Lake Lure sits in the Hickory Nut Gorge, surrounded by lush mountain tops and massive sheer granite cliffs. No wonder so many movies have been filmed in the area. While in the mountains, try to pick up a trail through the woods, and maybe you might even spot a waterfall or two. End your day with an outdoor fire and a little star gazing.

Wine Country

Every region of the United States grows grapes, and there is so much to offer other than drinking wine. Rent a bike and stroll through some of the most beautiful topography you will ever see. Most wineries have jaw-dropping panoramic views or stunning estate grounds to stop for a recess and maybe a little vino! There are places for memorable photo-ops, almost everywhere. These areas cater to local farm-to-table restaurants and regional markets. Do not pass up these gems.

City Retreat

The hospitality industry is bending over backward to invite you in for incredible deals. Their number one priority is to keep you and their staff safe. You will notice many new protocols put into place. If you are still hesitant after reading their online updates, contact the facility directly. They will be more than happy to answer any questions or help with specific concerns. I love to visit two locations in a city: parks and museums. These are two elements that showcase the area’s culture and can be experienced with minimal social interactions. Accomplishing both will help to get in your 5000 steps per day.

Weekend Getaway Outfits

I did not realize how much I missed the entire experience of traveling until this past weekend. I was back in the saddle, and I felt a rise of excitement and hope. Hope for future weekend getaways.

And as always, I am here to answer any questions or help with picking out anything that you need for a weekend outing. From coolers and tents to sequin and gloss. I also curate unique looks and gifts based on your needs, personality, occasion, and budget.

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Stay Golden ~Holly

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This photo was taken while walking on the beautiful and whimsical Lake Lure Flowering Bridge. Everyone needs a flannel shirt for the mountains! Am I right?