Tabletop Tops

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Tabletop Tops

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I have nicknamed tops that look especially good while seated at a table, bar, desk, or conference table as ‘tabletop tops.’ A tongue twister. Due to the barrier of a tabletop surface, others can only see from the waist or chest area and up. Especially during this time of shelter-in-place with our abundant video chats with family and friends or business-related video conferences, our tabletop tops are on the spotlight more than ever before.

For most of us, your upper half is the area where your outfit typically draws the most attention. Select tops and accessories that assist in focusing others up to your most unique and individualistic feature, your face. How do you want to be displayed or showcased? Bare or with a little chic flair? Will you opt for modern, sleek, country charm, bohemian, traditional, casual, overly accessorized, or understated? My advice would be to stay on point for the occasion and then add in a top that showcases your sense of style. As always, my options go from least to luxe.

Chic, Cozy Under Blanket Tops

There was a time at the beginning of this life-changing pandemic that I looked rough. Wearing old t-shirts with holes, not changing my outfit if I stained it during the day. I barely combed my hair or brushed my teeth. I am actually surprised my husband never mentioned my scary and uncharacteristic appearance during this trying time. I think he knew how overwhelmed I was just trying to put out business fires, making an effort to care for others remotely, and honestly just figuring out how we were going to survive the circumstances that affected all of us.

One bright sunny morning, I got out of bed, did a workout to my favorite online class, took a shower, and threw away any clothes not worthy of donating. From that day on, I vowed to put on my supergirl panties, wear decent clothes, and apply my game face every day. Just doing these simple daily tasks lifted my mood and productivity.

So if I need a cozy day or evening, I try to look somewhat pulled together because this is a mental boost for me to cope. Sometimes you just need to kick back on the couch with a plush blanket on your lap and a big bowl of freshly popped warm popcorn for a night of binge TV. Add a dry Riesling and let me choose which show to watch, and I am as happy as a clam. These are the perfect tops for that occasion. Scan the Comfy Clothes post for more inspiration.

Tabletop Tops for Game Night

I love a good game night. Pre Covid-19 we would invite friends over, cook dinner (order in), and put couples on opposing teams. I cannot tell you how many times we heard ‘just one more game’ well past the midnight hour. As it is just my husband and me at home currently, we have resorted to card games meant for two. He usually takes on the sore loser role, LOL. So I need a top that helps me strut my almost certain win.

Date Night Tabletop Tops

An alluring top for in-home date night is the most essential change from loungewear. However, before we know it, we will be out and about for a special occasion. I now have a true appreciation for both at home date nights and nights out on the town. My husband and I are characterized as social butterflies by our friends. We used to go out several nights a week. If someone wants to know of a new or exciting place to go locally, I am one of their first calls for suggestions. I do miss the magnetic vibe, socialization, and the energy of being around others. Yet, I have to say, staying at home for date nights has been just as gratifying. Cooking dinners together, opening up a bottle of wine, and turning on our own playlists has given us an intimacy that we just cannot achieve being in public.

Tops for Work Video Conferences

When it comes to working video conferences, it is always best to stick with a solid color. Use the same tips as if you were going to appear on TV. With some tiny prints and almost always with a stripe, these patterns will have a negative impact on the camera. Striped fabric competes with each other for visual dominance creating a strobe or moire effect.

Also, do not wear all black or all white as the camera will boost contrast. Black is too harsh and can suck up all the light. White is a poor choice because it can be too visually overwhelming and may blind your viewers on screen. White also dulls your complexion and makes you appear washed out and tired when using a phone or computer during a video conference. Nobody needs that right now or ever. Opt for color.

Accessorizing Your Tabletop Tops

You have the perfect top for the occasion, now let us add a bit of chic flair to showcase your personality. Accessories are always in season and these are options that you can wear now as well as later. Scarves, in particular, are pulling multiple tasks even more than usual. It can easily convert from a stylish statement to an essential facemask. You can never go wrong with a pair of earrings or a necklace that will remain on trend for many years.

Tabletop Tops Summary

For most of us, we are going to be in this stay-at-home situation for a while. Or at least some version of it as life slowly creeps toward whatever our new standard will be. So, take the time to thoughtfully select your tops. Find those that make you feel comfortable and happy.

Let me know how you are doing. What are your favorite tops? Is it a new online purchase? It seems like everything is on sale almost all of the time. There are so many amazing deals. Is your top an oldie but goody or something completely out of your usual wardrobe selection? Share your recommendations in the comments below.

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