Summer Matching Clothing Sets

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Summer Matching Clothing Sets

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I am a sucker for items that go together perfectly – salt and pepper shakers, engagement and wedding rings, Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum, or spaghetti and meatballs. Matching clothing sets. I do not know if it is because I have “corona-brain” and seem a bit fuzzy-headed, but the fewer decisions I have to make these days, the better. I am a very task-oriented person. I think I was making to-do lists in my mother’s womb. It was not the kicking she felt. It was my pencil checking off my tasks! Yet lately, it seems there are so many distractions the last thing I want to concern myself with is how to coordinate an outfit.

This summer’s matching sets could not be more timely. Similar to my love of jumpsuits, a matching set is perfectly efficient and effective. Matching sets are our adult version of a kid’s onesie. But let us face it, we are wearing them with more panache than our mini-me counterparts. I am dating myself (even though you already know that I am old by millennial standards, LOL), yet I grew up in the land of Garanimals. Garanimals allowed me to mix and match tops with bottoms as a very young girl. I was styling on my tricycle because my giraffe top matched my giraffe bottoms. Unlike my younger sister, who would mismatch the giraffe with the lizard. Who does that? Blasphemy!

Unlike Garanimals, which are easy to find, searching for these current and trendy matched sets is not. I know that you have seen them here and there, but unless you know the brand or the name of the article, it is almost impossible. I hope these matched sets continue to make a statement so that retailers and brands add them as a category to their list of women’s selections. Yet, luckily for you, I have done some of the heavy lifting to bring you a curated selection of this summer’s most fabulous matching sets.

Do not let the joint prices scare you. Remember, you are purchasing two items that you can wear together to create quick and easy looks or separate the pieces to create unique outfits. There is a vast dichotomy between very inexpensive matched sets (almost cheap-looking) and luxury sets. You heard it from me first. Designers and brands need to get on the bandwagon and continue to create a beautiful mix and match sets for the adult Garanimal in all of us. Until then, enjoy my curated selection of this summer’s fashion matching sets. As always, my options within each category go from least to luxe.

Matching Sets with Tops and Skirts

Shorts or Pants Matching Sets

Matching Sets on the Casual Side

Rundown of 2020 Summers Matching Sets

As Tom is to Jerry (or better yet, as Ben is to Jerry – I just got distracted by ice cream), so are matching clothing sets to your wardrobe. A matching set that has already been painstakingly coordinated by the designer elevates any look and gives you that bit of pizazz and uniqueness. I know from time to time, I struggle with pulling an outfit together, and honestly, a matching set does the trick every time.

I want to hear from you. How did it go with your matching sets? Also, If you know of a retailer or brand that enables you to shop and filter by matching sets, I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR about them. Drop me some comments below.

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