Summer Jumpsuits

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Suppose shorts leave you apprehensive about taking the plunge with a romper or playsuit. In that case, summer jumpsuits are your perfect option. Let us face it, we all still have a weakness for comfortable, stylish outfits and a jumpsuit fits the bill almost every time. During this time, when comfort is queen, I can slip straight from my loungewear into a jumpsuit onesie, and I have barely missed a beat. The only difference is that I do not look like I just crawled out of bed with my summer jumpsuit. Although my bedhead and sleep-lined face might still give me away. Nothing that a little eye cream, top-knot, and coffee won’t cure.

As mentioned in the Fashion Tips to Make You Look Taller post, the jumpsuit’s straight line will appear taller and slimmer because of the uniform color and vertical, columnar shape. A jumpsuit visually elongates the body. My short frame is very appreciative of this illusion. And if I am sporting a top-knot, I’ll appear even taller, LOL! Honestly, other than having to take off the entire outfit to go to the bathroom, there is literally no downside to wearing a jumpsuit.

I have hand-selected some of my favorite summer jumpsuits for you to peruse. As always, my options within each category go from least to luxe. As a bonus, when you hover over an item, you will see the retailer, brand, price, and potential sale price. You can even opt-in for sale alerts. Just click ‘♡ Get Sale Alert’ and you will be notified each time the price drops. It is almost better than having your hair and makeup done for you every morning!

Everyday Summer Jumpsuits

If you find a casual jumpsuit in the right stretchy fabric, they are about as comfortable as my loungewear. I do not know why, but some of my most snuggly jumpsuits remind me of my childhood onesie pajamas. Just zip up, and you are in for a good day.

Lightweight Denim Jumpsuits

We all love our favorite pair of jeans. You have worn them so much that they have almost melded to your body for the utmost comfort. A denim jumpsuit is no different. Many come in an array of denim colors and offer four-way stretch for freedom and ease of movement. I have a few that are so comfortable I wear them all day while working from home.

Teasing and Flirty Jumpsuits

Every now and then, we fancy an outfit with a little zest and allure. This style of jumpsuit also begs for color, so do not hold back. Select one that is a bit more snug and curvy, especially on the backside. You might have to adjust your usual size to get the perfect fit for this jumpsuit style — no baggy butts or wedgies here.

Belted Options

If you want to take it up a notch, pair your jumpsuit with a complementing belt. Replace the standard sash or belt that accompanied your jumpsuit with a distinct belt that will give your outfit a little attitude and showcase your unique personality. A contrasting strap is an easy way to tone down or dress up your jumpsuit and attract more definition at your waistline.

Summer Shoes for Summer Jumpsuits

Pair it with a more casual shoe, like a designer sneaker, to give it a little funkiness or add a slight heel on your summer sandal to extend your silhouette. One thing to keep in mind, if your jumpsuit has a longer and/or wider leg, ensure your shoes have a closed heel. This prevents the bottom of your pants from slipping under the backside of your foot.

Jump All Over your New Summer Jumpsuits

Although the jumpsuit has undergone many adaptations over the 100 years since its invention, one thing is for sure, this sassy onesie is sure to be a favorite in your closet. A jumpsuit tends to flatter almost every body shape. It is the one-pot wonder of wardrobes. Just prep, zip, and go. That alone merits having several in your closet.

And as always, I am here to answer any questions or help with picking out accessories for your jumpsuit. I also curate individual looks and gifts based on your needs, personality, occasion, and budget.

Although fall fashion is being featured with almost every retailer, most of us are still experiencing warm, summer weather. If you need help with more summer styles, check out the 2020 Summer Fashion Trends for more inspiration. There is also a SEARCH function at the top right of every Golden Tribe page. It helps find whatever you are searching for — answers, tips, products, specific topics, or items. If you can’t find what you are looking for, reach out to me as maybe it is a topic that needs its own post inspired by you!

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