Barely-There Sandal Trend

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Barely-there Sandal Trend

I feel like this is the year of the invisible. Barely-there bras. Barely-there panties. Nude, naked, exposed, open, bare, and uncovered. It sounds like the beginnings of an interesting Saturday night! I guess it was only inevitable after the nude shoe trend and then the clear shoe craze that the barely-there sandal was going to be the next stepping stone into womenโ€™s shoe fetishes.

Summers are made for carefree, simple times. Effortless dressing with sandals you can slip on in a momentโ€™s notice. I actually think that barely-there sandals have been around for a while. Brands are just getting on the bandwagon because comfort and ease has been gaining ground since the advent of Birkenstocks. Sorry, Birks, you are one style that you will not see me recommending. In my opinion, a twenty-year-old can rarely pull them off. Much less a middle-aged woman. Nothing screams old lady more than a fuddy-duddy pair of shoes. And while I am on a rant, please do not ever wear Crocs. I mean they were originally designed as a medical shoe. What does that tell you? I am sorry, but I just cannot do either of them. I might be singing a different tune in my eightyโ€™s. Yet, we will worry about that when the time comes. Who knows, I might want to pull a fast one and steal them off of the nursing home attendant that is caring for me.

Now, do not get me wrong. I am all about comfort!! You will not see me squished into a pair of high heels just because they are stunningly gorgeous. Gone are those fashion at any cost days. Yet, who does not love a great flip-flop? The original barely-there sandal. Ok, there were those little greek sandals way back in 400 B.C., but who is really thinking that far back in history? It is funny, speaking of Greeks. One of my favorite shoe brands is Ancient Greek Sandals. To be honest, I actually did not wear the first pair very often because I thought they were hard and stiff. I remember the sales associate told me I had to wear them in. So, I started wearing them just around the house. It did not take long, they were some of the most comfortable pair of shoes I owned. The soles begin to mold to your feet a little bit. I always need to size down because their seemingly hard leathers really stretch to a soft buttery feel.

Ok, now that I have climbed out of that rabbit hole. Let us get back to nude, naked, exposed, open, bare, and uncovered. A much more tantalizing topic. I have always believed you can say more with less. The barely-there sandal does just that. There are so many shades, styles, and heel heights for the barely-there sandal that no two will look alike. From nudes (there we go again) to bright shades and textures, from slip-in flats to stilettos, the barely-there sandal trend is going to be around for several years (if it ever goes away). You heard it here first. So load up buttercup in these leg-lengthening statement styles. As always my options go from least to luxe in each category.

Barely-There Flats

Strappy Wedges

Barely-There Block Heel

Strappy High Heels

Barely-There Sandal Options

Give in to your shoe fetish and grab several of these highly sought after barely-there sandals. You will not be sorry. Are you still here? Are you still reading or did you just come for the pretty pictures? I love sharing tips and information with you, however, I must admit wrapping up a post is the most difficult part of the post for me. So if you have stayed with me, congratulations!! Prove it by posting a comment below. I am testing you…