Patio Dresses

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My husband and I were in Traverse City, Michigan, visiting friends a few years ago when I first heard the term, porch-pounder. We were sitting on, of all things, the front porch of their guest cottage, and I was wearing the cutest of summer patio dresses. In hearing this new term, I immediately envisioned men and beer. Guys reclined lazily on a back porch. I see a cold beer with condensation dripping down the side of the bottle, happily resting for only a brief moment on the top of the knee. It was continuously raised to the thirsty mouth for another cold gulp to be guzzled down the now satisfied throat — a porch pounder.

But no, this husky term is bestowed to its hoity-toity relative, the chilled glass of wine. I have come to learn; it does not matter where your cork-dork knowledge meter resides, this layperson’s term is known to the most refined wine connoisseurs. I should have known the phrase referred to wine. We were smack-dab in the middle of our friend’s family winery surrounded by beautiful vineyards as far as you could see. As we were sipping one of the delicate rosés from their winery that seemed to knock back oh too quickly. This thirst-quenching little beverage was a genuine porch pounder.

Whenever I am wearing a patio dress, I remember back to their magnificent estate. I am sitting on their beautiful front porch, and I immediately start craving a mouthwatering porch pounder. LOL! The term patio dress varies by region across the United States. But, by and large, it is essentially a flattering, casual, and comfortable day dress worn in warmer weather. A cool, informal dress you will want to wear for a relaxed and easygoing day at home with family or out with friends. The length of the dress varies from above the knee to maxi’s lightly brushing the floor. Think of a dress that you are comfortable sitting around a porch, deck, or balcony with fresh-squeezed lemonade. Or better yet, with a chilled, dry Rosé in hand.

Styles of Patio Dresses

Kick back and enjoy perusing through some of my current patio dress favorites. As patios and nature go hand-in-hand, so does the kaleidoscope of lively colors in patio dresses. Prints mimic all floral and fauna sizes (as noted in the 2020 Summer Fashion Trends) from tiny to lifesize. Patio dresses seem to have an air of politeness, a light touch of southern charm, and respect hot summer days in their designs. As always, my selections go from least to luxe in each category. Hint: if you buy from some of the ‘least’ options, you will have more money left over for porch pounders.

Short Patio Dresses

Midi Length

Maxi Length Patio Dresses

Patio Dress Summary

We initially met our winery friends, Patrick and Erick, during a food and wine cruise along the shores of southern Spain, Morocco, and The Canary Islands. We were kindred spirits sharing a love affair with culinary pleasures and a passion for wine. We hit it off immediately when the four of us would be the last ones standing, closing down the band, dance floor, and lastly, the bar. It was a destined friendship from the start.

Like a good friendship, so it is a great dress. One that you reach out for time and time again. It is familiar, comfortable, and always makes you feel good. That is your new patio dress. Perfect for so many natural situations. Move over loungewear; there is a fresher, prettier, and cooler kid on the block.

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