New Year’s Eve Outfits for Women Over 40

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New Year's Eve Outfits for Women Over 40

New Year’s Eve — you either love it or hate it. I enthusiastically like to get ready to go out for almost any occasion. Sometimes I enjoy the production more than the actual event. I love to put on a favorite playlist to help set the party mood. I pour a glass of wine, light some candles, and figure out what I am going to wear. Sometimes I put on a little fashion show for my husband, which helps me determine which outfit I am going to wear. Luckily his advice is usually sound, and it helps that he is patient. The next step is glamming it up with hair, makeup, and accessories. For me, it is all about the pre-show.

Since I am now an official grown-up, determining a New Year’s Eve outfit over the age of 40 is not as smooth and effortless as it was when I was a younger woman. Everything just looked better on the more youthful version of me. New developments have slowly tiptoed into my life over the years — legs with varicose and spider veins, sagging knees, crepey cleavage, jiggly arms, flabby tummy, and a turkey neck.

Thankfully, I have a relatively positive viewpoint (as should you!!) about my continually evolving body. I do not have wrinkles, I have expression lines. I do not have graying hair, I have wisdom-highlights. I do not have dark circles, I have fifty shades of party eyes. However, with all of these good vibes also comes a little dose of a reality pill. Instead of showcasing my new attributes, I highlight other features that I personally like better about myself.

Now let us go select a great New Year’s Eve outfit for you based on your favorite features. Like this night, other than your birthday, it is a great night to shine brighter than usual. Here are a few options to point you in the right direction.

Jazzy Jumpsuits

The straight line of a jumpsuit or monochromatic outfit will make you look taller and slimmer because of the uniform color and columnar shape it brings to your body. Read more in these posts – Fashion Tips to Make You Look Taller and Black is the Ultimate Slimming Color. Similar to a dress, a jumpsuit is a super easy outfit to pull together. Just add shoes and accessories, and you are about to make a statement. Have fun with the jumpsuit, I like to choose one that is a bit more unexpected with the juxtaposition of sequin and a casual cut.

Tabletop Blouses

I prefer a blouse that makes a grand statement when you are sitting down at a bar or table (thus the Tabletop Blouse) during a big event like New Year’s Eve. The material, color, or cut should make an announcement even while you are seated. Do not shy away from sheer or mesh tops. Layer a sexy camisole under your see-through top, put on some red lipstick, push your shoulders back, and hold your head high. Like many of the jumpsuit options, I typically choose longer sleeves to camouflage my previously mentioned jiggly arms. If this is not a concern of yours, this is the night to go as bare as you dare.

Playful Pants

Just because you are wearing a fabulous tabletop blouse does not mean that you need to downplay your pants. It is New Year’s Eve for goodness sake. Go big or stay at home in your PJ’s watching the ball drop (or drooling on your pillowcase before it is even midnight). The positive aspect of pants are their warmth, hide leg size, imperfections, and they are perfect for striking your signature moves on the dance floor.

Dress To Impress

Select a dress that is comfortable to sit, dance, eat and stand in all night long. For me, this is always a more simple dress in style, yet the material is the star of the show. You will thank me later when looking back at your photos. I do not like to fidget with an uncomfortable outfit (especially while dancing) if I am going to be wearing it for an extended time. NYE is a marathon, not a sprint. Do not worry if you think the dress is too short, we can solve that with the proper hosiery and shoes.

Stilettos & Stockings

If I am going to be sitting more than standing or dancing, than I can wear some of my sexiest stilettos. However, my tolerance for such beauties is sometimes more than I can bear after a couple of hours. If you can still rock stilettos then wear them, and I will be envious of you from afar. If not, then go for a block heel. They are just as appropriate, and your feet, ankles, knees, and lower back will be grateful the next day. Also, think a little outside of the box and consider sensational boots as an alternative to a predictable pump. Kinky Boots, anyone?

Comparable to the fifth wall (your ceiling), hosiery is often overlooked. Pantyhose with a dress is going to be your BFF on this night. An exquisite hose can amp up an outfit to the next level while concealing pasty, veiny, or fugly legs (check, check, and check). Do not grab your typical nude/black sheer or plain opaque. Instead, choose one of my favorites for this occasion: nude fishnets or a sheer/opaque with a bit of sparkle. If you are wearing open-toed shoes, select opaque hose, it is very tres-chic to marry the two together.

Necessity Accessories

A small clutch is indispensable for holding your ID, credit card, keys, lipstick, and phone. For a night such as New Year’s Eve, it is exceedingly crucial for it to be with you at all times if you are at a club or massive party. Pick one that has a beautiful crossbody strap. It will keep your hands free all night so that you can toast the night away or be pulled onto the dance floor at a moment’s notice without having to keep up with your handbag.

I can not resist statement earrings for an extravagant evening. It is the finishing piece that pulls the entire NYE outfit together. I do not like to match the color of my outfit to my earrings, I would instead create contrast for interest. If I am wearing cobalt blue, then I will most likely choose a yellow or gold jewelry to give the blue more pizzazz.

Endless New Year’s Eve Outfits for Women Over 40

Getting dressed up for holiday events should be a lot of fun, fearless and based on your favorite features. Whether you’re wanting something to wow a holiday party or to ring in 2020, you’ll turn heads in any of these options.

I am curious as to what choice you made from the options above or what you wore to dazzle other partiers. Share your experience in the comment section below. I can not wait to see pictures! And as always, I am here to answer any questions.