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I was listening recently to a podcast, What We Wore, hosted by Laura Vinroot Poole. Laura is the owner of Capitol, a luxury boutique here in Charlotte, NC. Her podcast is surprisingly not about luxury items or even clothes. Her podcast is about people, those unique individuals she has met throughout her renowned career path. During one of her podcasts, she spoke with Marion Parke, a podiatric surgeon turned luxury footwear designer. I was particularly intrigued by Marion’s background story and how she became a shoe designer. I quickly discovered that Marion Parke shoes were not your typical Birkenstock or Alegria orthotics.

The Marion Parke Difference

She patented her unique insole before partnering with some of the best Italian cobblers to create a unique shoe that is refined and yet secretly comfortable. In only four years, she has made a brand that has garnered most fashion editors and exclusive retailers’ attention. Marion has single-handedly revolutionized the luxury footwear industry with unsurpassed craftsmanship, modern style, but disguised into an orthotic. It is like eating a sugary tasting cupcake that is secretly made from kale.

My Marion Parke Shoe Experience

Typically, I only listen to a podcast when I am driving in my car. I start, pause, and stop one as I run errands. It might take me several days just to get through one episode of a particular show. Yet, I was so riveted during this compelling podcast and could not hit the pause button when I reached my destination. I sat there in my car listening as I was simultaneously searching online to see what her shoes looked like. Luckily no one was parked beside me to notice my uncontrollable drool as I was feverishly scrolled through her elegant and yet edgy footwear collections. I had hit a new shopping high.

The difficulty for me was having to narrow down which pair to purchase. Because let us face it, this is luxury footwear, which comes with a price tag. Even if you are price adverse, stay with me just a bit longer and hear me out. I narrowed it down to three pairs, knowing that I probably would return one, two, or all of them. This brand was new to me. Even with all my excitement, I did not know how they would feel on my feet. If I am going to plunk down some major dough, I have to love the shoe, and I have to get some mileage out of them. I ordered two sandals (one flat slide, the other a strappy high-heel) and one pointed-toe pump. I got all three pairs at a discount during a Bloomingdale’s sale. (Hint: As of today, some styles are 60%, and all are an additional 25% off with the current Friends and Family Sale.)

Marion Parke sandals

After much anticipation, my shoes finally arrived. I was really hoping they would live up to the hype. I tried the easiest to please first, the flat, slide sandal in camel. They did feel slightly different than my other flat slides. They felt more stable if that makes sense? Now, a more demanding test – the two high heels. I tried on the leopard pointed-toe pump. Immediately my husband said, ‘those are nice looking heels.’ But the test was going to be walking and standing. I have marble floors throughout most of my condo. They are beautiful, but they put a lot of stress on your feet and legs for even a short amount of time. I strode across the marble in these pumps as if I were wearing sneakers. They were so easy to walk in. I did not feel that typical hard pressure that I usually did in the balls of my feet. Now, the final and most significant test of all – strappy high heels. First of all, these hot pink shoes are drop-dead gorgeous, and the pop of color is hard to resist. Surprisingly, I felt the same support, stableness, and comfort as with the pumps. Each were perfectly true-to-size.

So it was official, Marion Parke makes a shoe that most women would be excited to slip their foot into, wear all day (and night), show-off, and want to tell your girlfriends about. As one of my Golden Tribe girlfriends, you are now in the know. And what I am telling you is – save up, buttercup. Because you need at least one pair of these shoes in your closet. I am telling you, they will be the ones that you reach for each and every time. But I am warning you, do not order multiple styles to try on if you can not afford to keep them all. Sending even one pair back would be like giving away your first child. It is impossible. Thus, I have three new pairs of shoes in my closet. I do not buy things I do not need (I know my husband would roll his eyes at that statement). Each of these shoes filled a gap that I needed in my wardrobe, so I bit the bullet and rationalized the expense—one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have since bought two more pairs (albeit on sale too and filling more gaps, LOL). I am saving up for boots and one or two of her casual items.

Marion Parke shoes

Sale Tips for Your Next Pair of Marion Parke Shoes

Sometimes we just need a lower price to fit within our budget; other times, an item prompts us to splurge (aka Marion Parke). Usually, I try to showcase multiple options of a similar style or product at different price points. However, there is really no comparison for her shoes. I could probably showcase similar styles in appearance, but they are not going to feel the same. Instead, I am going to highlight different retailers that currently offer her shoes on sale NOW. As well as highlight some of my favorite styles.

As an extra bonus, you will see the retailer, brand, price, and potential sale price whenever you hover over an item below. You can opt-in for sale alerts for future discounts. Just click ’♡ Get Sale Alert.’ You will be notified each time the price drops on your favorite Marion Parke shoes. It is like having free bills raining from the ceiling during your all-access pass and first dibs at the Neiman Marcus First Call Sale. That is what a ‘♡ Get Sale Alert’ feels like!

50-75% Off Shoes

Bloomingdale’s 25% Off Discount Applied In Bag (Oct 1-12)

Rue La La 38-75% Off

(Sizes are Limited)

Casual Favorites

Elevated Favorites

Marion Parke Shoes Summary

I have since bought two more pairs (albeit on sale too and filling more gaps, LOL). I am saving up for boots and one or two of her casual items. After decades of wearing heels almost every day throughout my career, it is comforting to know that I no longer have to sacrifice luxury and style for comfort. I only wish they had been invented in my early twenties. I could have saved years of sore feet and countless inserts that never really worked. I hope you find these shoes as enjoyable to wear as I do.

And as always, I am here to answer any questions or help pick out your next pair of beautiful and functional Marion Parke footwear. I can help narrow down your style, color, and size. No minimum, no fee. I also curate unique looks and gifts based on your needs, personality, occasion, and budget.

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