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“Leather, high heels, and a bad attitude. Here I come.” ~ Lady Gaga. There are necessary, essential wardrobe pieces, and then there are elevated items, like leather that immediately spices up an outfit. I love everything about leather, how it looks, feels, and conforms to the body in the most flattering ways. As mentioned in the 2020 Fall Fashion trends, whether it is pants, dresses, skirts, culottes, shorts, or tops, you should have multiple leather pieces in your wardrobe. Do not be shy with leather; kick it up a notch! Even an item as simple as a luxe belt will transform an outfit from good to great. So let us go shopping!

Shopping Tips for Leather

There are moments we need a less expensive piece to fit within our budget; other times, an item prompts us to splurge. Leather is definitely a splurge item (whether genuine or vegan). However, there are some deals to be had at every price point. I will showcase similar items from least to luxe within a comparable collection. This way, I will cover a broader price spectrum depending on your needs.

When you hover over an item below, you will see the retailer, brand, price, and potential sale price. You can even opt-in for sale alerts. Just click ‘♡ Get Sale Alert.‘ You will be notified each time the price drops. It is like winning a $100 gift card to your favorite leather goods shop. That is what a ‘♡ Get Sale Alert’ feels like!

Leather Pants Under $100

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Women’s Leather Apparel Summary

Leather is one of those elements that can add dimension and drama instantly to an outfit. Yet, it can easily be dressed down for a more casual effect. Like its tiny counterpart, the chameleon, it transforms into whatever you need it to. Seems to me like an indispensable item (or two) in your closet you should not live without!

I am here to answer any questions or help pick out anything you need to transition your clothes with elevated leather pieces. I also curate unique looks and gifts based on your needs, personality, occasion, and budget. No minimum, no fee.

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