How to Transition Athleisure to Daywear

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How to Transition Athleisure to Daywear

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You most likely know my fashion style by now. I like essential elements that take me from season to season and year to year. I pull in pops of accessories (especially handbags) to keep my style current and fresh. Because of my height stature (or lack thereof), you might have noticed that I love to wear heels almost daily. The approval level of wearing athleisure or athletic wear post-workout initially seemed very low to me. Who in their right mind would wear athleisure or athletic wear throughout the entire day? Pure laziness! Chalk that blunder up to my older age. I admit I was late to the athleisure to daywear mainstream bandwagon.

However, I am now a convert. What everyone says is true, these pieces are so darn comfortable to wear. Whether I’m going from the gym to lunch with girlfriends or running errands across town, comfort is always high on my list. For me, my athleisure style mainly consists of leggings, sneakers, and mixing in a few ready-to-wear items. However, I do venture into other key pieces that help to transition athleisure to daywear. To wear athleisure successfully throughout the day requires a few fashion rules to elevate this style.

The following are my six essential tips to remain comfortable in your athletic wear and yet also present an elevated and suitable outfit to wear in public.

  1. Choose solid-colored bottoms versus a print
  2. Make sure your badunkadunk is covered
  3. Layer with cozy pieces of ready-to-wear
  4. Stick with low to flat shoes
  5. Elevate your handbag choice
  6. Add jewelry to transition to daywear

#1 – Choose Solid Colored Bottoms Verses a Print

Selecting solid colored leggings or joggers, especially darker versions, will more easily transition from athleisure wear to daywear. It is much more challenging to pull off an athletic daywear outfit if your leggings sport rainbows, stars, zen symbols, or sparkles. Of course, there is one caveat to this rule — camouflage.

Treat your workout pants the same way you would a pair of jeans or jeggings.

#2 – Make Sure your Butt is Covered

This seems like a no brainer to me; yet, I might be in the minority with this recommendation. I feel there are very few of us that our badunkadunk looks amazingly good on display in leggings (even those under the age of 40). So cover up buttercup. This will give a more polished look to your daywear outfit.

#3 – Layer with Cozy Pieces of Ready-to-Wear

One of the more critical elements for transitioning athleisure to daywear is layering in other pieces from your wardrobe. Taking a cue from the first tip above — choose casual items from your closet that you would pair with your favorite pair of jeans for an effortless, relaxed style.

#4 – Stick with Low to Flat Shoes

Clean sneakers are an excellent option for this carefree daywear style. However, there are some low to medium heel possibilities that could help to transition your outfit. These primarily work best with a longer jacket and cardigan or joggers instead of leggings.

#5 – Elevate your Handbag Choice

Grab a more premium handbag versus a gym tote or sports bag to carry throughout the day. Two items always set the tone for any outfit: shoes and purse. These two items are vital for making or breaking your casual outfit.

#6 – Add Jewelry to Transition to Daywear

Top off your casual outfit with handpicked jewelry pieces to enhance your outfit. Take it up a notch from working out to actually being out and about with simple jewelry choices. You can actually wear silver or gold pieces to workout as they will not turn or tarnish. Just be careful if you are running, jumping, etc. that you are not wearing heavy earrings as they will pull on your earlobes and cause early sagging.

Transition Athleisure to Daywear Summary

As someone that works from home, I need discipline, self-assurance, and functional yet comfortable outfits. I find myself reaching for the athleisure section in my closet most often. With my schedule being flexible and occasionally unpredictable, I need the versatility to transition athleisure wear into everyday chic quickly. That way, I can run out the door for an unexpected meeting, lunch date, or errand in a skinny minute.

I rely on my wardrobe for comfort and fashion, which is why I seek elevated athleisure looks that evoke style without compromising my active life. Follow my six essential tips above to have you looking like a million bucks without breaking a sweat.

Share your experience in the comment section below. I can not wait to hear about your new athleisure wear to daywear looks! And as always, I am here to answer any questions.

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