How to Dress If You Have a Round or Apple Body Shape

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How to Dress If You Have a Round or Apple Body Shape

I love helping women feel more comfortable in their own bodies. It makes me feel good to make others feel good. It is one of the reasons I started this blog. As individual women, we should feel beautiful and self-assured every day. Wearing clothes that make you feel more confident has a ripple effect on your attitude, perspective, and mindset. Some people assume it is difficult to dress a round or apple shape body. I completely disagree. As with any body shape, you need to be aware of what outfits work positively on your specific form.

Typically with all body shapes, it is not about how big or small your frame is, it is about your specific proportions. However, with a round or apple body shape the individual gives an appearance of a more abundant frame. Letโ€™s explore how to feel confident and comfortable with this body shape.

This round or apple (sometimes called an oval) body shape describes a womanโ€™s proportions with the bust, torso, and hips having similar measurements. If you have a round or apple body shape, your typical characteristics are:

  • Typically a larger bust;
  • Full hips;
  • The waistline is undefined;
  • A tendency to gain weight in the midsection;
  • Your beautiful, shapely arms and legs are some of your best assets.

One of my long-time girlfriends is an apple shape. To be honest, I never really was aware of her frame because she is very proficient at accentuating her many assets. Besides her facial beauty, I am not sure which is more striking, her arms or her legs. They both rival each other for the top spot. Some of the most renowned, attractive, and body-loved celebrities with a round or apple body shape are Queen Latifah, Rebel Wilson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Kate Winslet.

As we get older, we typically carry more weight in our midsection. It seems to settle in like a pet to a sunny, comfy spot on the couch. If you were a triangle or hourglass shape when you were younger, but now display a round or apple shape you might be unfamiliar with how to dress the current you. Not to worry, I am going to help you find options on how to outfit your new shape.

Emphasizing Positive Characteristics for a Round or Apple Body Shape

  • Choose sleeveless tops to emphasis your arms;
  • If you feel your cleavage is an asset, then emphasizing this area will detract from others. Make sure you have a good, supportive bra to showcase the best version of the girls;
  • Select tops or dresses that highlight the upper area. V-necks, scoop-neck, ruching, embroidery, embellishment, texture — anything that will draw the eye up toward your face;
  • Pick draped fabrics around the bust and midsection to help camouflage the waist;
  • Choose statement necklaces, earrings and hats to draw the eye upward;
  • Select open vests with longer, drapery fabric to visually thin and lengthen the body;
  • Layer with cropped items that fall just under the bust line to help draw the eye up and away from your midsection;
  • Use vertical lines to elongate the body;
  • Choose dresses that create an hourglass effect;
  • Skirts and dresses are your BFF, wear them to show off your beautiful legs;
  • Skirts and dresses should be a flowing or straight cut;
  • Choose high-waisted pants that have a straight or slim cut.

Handpicked Tops For a Round or Apple Body Shape

Essential Long or Cropped Layering Pieces

Dresses to Swoon Over if You Have a Round or Apple Body Shape

Ideal Skirts To Play Up Your Assets

Precise Pants for the Round or Apple Body Shape

Clothes to Avoid with a Round or Apple Body Shape

If you have a round or apple body shape, you need to play up your arms and legs. However, avoiding clothing faux pas will help to put your best foot forward (or entire leg in your case):

  • Refrain from tops and dresses that are too fitted and tight at the waistline;
  • Do not wear flared or wide pants, skirts or dresses;
  • Bypass shoulder features like shoulder pads, pleats, ruffled, ruched, and billowy sleeves that will make your shoulders and overall frame look broader;
  • Shy away from horizontal stripes around the midline of the body;
  • Do not display droopy boobs. You want to draw the eye line up, not down toward your belly button. BONUS TIP: Choose the right bra, it will make you look smaller!

Round, Apple or Oval Body Shape Rundown

One of the biggest compliments that you can do each day is smiling back at yourself in the mirror. Highlight the areas that you love most about your own physique and dress accordingly to make yourself happy. If you need more help, you can always check out our fashion section for other outfit tips and inspirations.

Share your body shape outfits, experiences, or lessons learned in the comment section below. I am here to answer any questions on how to dress if you have a round or apple body shape. I would love to hear from you.