How Can You Walk All Day in These Hard, Wooden Shoes?

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Swedish Hasbeens Wooden Shoes

I bought this brand of sandals from Poole Shop, a local boutique in Charlotte, North Carolina last summer. I purchased them because they were super cute and it’s hard to find good looking blue shoes that are a true navy color. I assumed I would wear them for short periods or for when I knew I would be sitting more than standing. I never bought them thinking I would walk very far in them. I mean, how can you walk in shoes that are hard and the entire sole is made out of one piece of wood without any cushioning?

Swedish Hasbeens Peep Toe

Don’t Look, Just Keep Walking

My husband and I recently moved from the burbs into the heart of Uptown Charlotte (it is our downtown, but that’s a whole other story). Our closest friends were so surprised when we decided to sell our house and move into a condo. However, we have always wanted to live a more urban lifestyle. When we were on vacation, within the United States or throughout other countries, we regularly walked everywhere. We typically book a hotel in the middle of all the hustle and bustle so that we can really experience the city’s culture at the ground level.

We decided we wanted that city lifestyle for ourselves on a daily basis. We used to drive everywhere and I was accustomed to elegantly stepping out of a car in a pair of strappy high heels for a night on the town. Yet, moving Uptown meant was we were going to be doing a lot more walking to restaurants and entertainment. I am not one for going out to dinner in ordinary walking shoes. It is hard to find stylish shoes that are actually comfortable, especially when you want to wear a skirt or a dress with a little sexy shoe height.

One evening, I put on these sandals to walk a short distance to dinner. I assumed that I was going to be experiencing foot pain by the time we arrived, but it was going to be worth it because they were super cute with a new skirt I wanted to wear. However, not only did I not experience any discomfort in these hard, wooden shoes, but was also surprised at how easy and comfortable they were to walk in. No squished toes, no pain on the balls of my feet, and no discomfort on the back of my heels. I was so delighted I have since bought five more pairs. Needless to say, I am a fan.

Who Makes These Wooden Shoes?

I have since learned this is a really cool and sustainable brand out of Sweden called Swedish Hasbeens. All of their shoes are made by artisans, each individually by hand. The shoes are made in an old traditional way in small factories which have made shoes for decades with the same practices. Pretty impressive. They are all made of ecologically prepared natural grain tanned leather, which is not only environmentally friendly but also the highest quality. Their shoe base is from a solid piece of lime wood.

It just seems counter Intuitive that hard, wooden shoes would be so comfortable. But like those famous, original hard, wooden Dr. Scholl’s sandals from the 60’s they are comfortable walking shoes. I can remember saving up money from my childhood house chores and buying them myself at a drugstore when I was around ten. It was my first big purchase and my step toward being an adult. I thought I was super hip wearing what I considered at the time to be “grown-up” shoes. I used to walk all over my neighborhood in them, ride my hot pink bike (probably not the smartest idea), and run after boys (which was never a success). I lived in my Dr. Scholl’s as a young girl, they served me well.

Swedish Hasbeens
Swedish Hasbeens Peep Toe High

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Styles of Wooden Shoes

The styles of this brand stem from the 1960s and 1970s, which are making a big comeback. I grew up in the 1970s, so I’m excited to see modern approaches from those eras making a fresh appearance today. Luckily, they have many styles of clogs from flat to mid-heel, high-heels, and super high. I was excited to see that they also have a line of boots. I can’t wait for those to be part of my footwear arsenal in fall and winter. They are a little funky, but we all need a little funk in our lives from time to time. Can you dig it?

My Swedish Hasbeens

My first pair was the Mia Heeled Sandal in Dark Blue. I wear them all the time as they are perfect with jeans, shorts, skirts, and dresses. They pretty much go with anything, and they make an outfit look more hip without being too trendy. My Mia’s are entirely lived in and even more comfortable than our first walk together over a year ago. As with your children, you love them all; however, Mia will always be my first.

A Note About Sizing

I typically wear a size 7 shoe. However, in a pinch (or a fantastic sale!) I can go down a full size to a 6, but rarely up a half size to a 7.5. All of my Swedish Hasbeens are a 36 because like all leather shoes, they stretch.

Find Them Locally and Online

Since I am a small business owner myself, I am a huge proponent of shopping local and supporting small businesses, so shop there first. However, if you can’t find them locally (I just noticed that Nordstrom is starting to carry a few styles), then snatch a pair online. Right on!

  • Hi I’m so glad I came across your article thank you! I’m about to order some Hasbeens and was about to make the mistake of ordering too large. If my feet are the same size as yours but are wide would you still recommend 36? Are there any styles you like best? Thanks again!

    • Golden Tribe says:

      Hi Lindsay!
      I am on the other spectrum. I have narrow feet. Typically I wear a 37 but do order a 36 in all of Hasbeens. If my feet were more normal to wide (as in your case), I would order with a 37. The leather is harder initially, but it softens and loosens up with wear. I haven’t ordered a pair that I don’t love. Plus, right now many are on sale at Nordstrom. Share your photos when you get them. Enjoy!!

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