Graphic Tees

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Graphic Tees

I am changing things up a bit and choosing some out of character wardrobe options for each of you. Typically, I am a solids girl with little to no prints. Yet with most of us experiencing the shelter-in-place mandate, why not spread a little joy, positivity or humor to those staying at home with you, on video conference calls, for your social postings or when you look in the mirror with your own billboard? Graphic tees are the perfect solution for our stay at home days. And the good news is you will want to carry these over into those days when we all can meet again.

Yet, let’s face it, graphic tees are just cool. It amps up an outfit with a vibe that says I’m classy with an easygoing twist. Knotting the graphic tee in the middle or off to the side also exhibits a stylish effect with little effort. It also will make a larger tee fit better and flatter your figure with a bit of waist definition. I also like to knot my tees if my bottom half is larger or more flowing due to wide-leg pants or particular cut skirts. With the cinch at the waistline, I am creating a more slender silhouette to the overall outfit. As always, my options go from least to luxe.

Smile Graphic Tees

I have always said that smiling is a universal language that seems to be infectious. During this time, it is more important than ever to appreciate the small things throughout the day, even something as simple as a smile. Science has shown that the mere act of smiling can lift your mood, lower stress, boost your immune system, and possibly even prolong your life. So if you need to, turn that frown upside down.

Graphic Tees For Social Distancing

A little humor goes a long way in dealing with 6’ bubbles, your face being off-limits, persistent hand washings, and having long conversations with your pet. They are thrilled that you are home, but secretly all they want to do is sleep in a sunny spot.

Good Vibes Graphic Tees

Spreading good vibes, joy, and positive reinforcements can go a long way in soothing the soul. So harness that positive energy so you can feel happy and radiant from the inside out. Or at least from your t-shirt outward.

Graphic Tees with Vintage Notes

Are you feeling nostalgic for the 80s or 90s? Needing to step back into those years when you thought you were invincible and on top of the world? No fear, your t-shirt is here. Pull out an old, ultra-soft one from deep inside your closet or choose a new vintage graphic tee for the next several decades.

Funny Graphic Tees For No Reason

Just because. Because they make you smile, think, laugh, pause, remember. It doesn’t matter, you just like them. And that is OK because most are under $25 so you can go crazy with your online purchases.

Designer Graphic Tees

When you want to dress it up a bit, but you have nowhere to go. Chiffon, taffeta, and sequins seem to be a bit over the top. If you can splurge then a luxury, designer graphic tee is calling your name.

Rundown of Graphic Tees

As we have eased into a more relaxed wardrobe while staying at home, adding in a few graphic tees might be what you need to change up the monotony of our days and weeks ahead. For most of the country, spring weather can span from coats and hats to shorts and tees practically overnight. My dad always said if you don’t like the weather, wait because it will change. Luckily, no matter the weather, a graphic tee changes with the wind. It will function as a fab layering piece or a unique stand-alone for warmer weather.