Day Dresses

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Day Dresses

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I love the easy option of day dresses, something I can throw on for almost any occasion, like going for a leisurely morning walk. My husband and I recently visited Glencairn Garden’s stunning grounds outside of Charlotte, NC, for the first time. We have lived in Charlotte for over twenty years, neither of us had ever heard of the garden. If you are like us, you are seeking out new places to explore during these different times. There are so many secrets and hidden gems within each city. Sometimes I am amazed at what is literally in our backyards.

We were delighted upon arrival because there was hardly anyone there, and it was peak blooming season. For us, it was the best of both worlds. Since it was so deserted, we did not need to wear a mask. Being able to walk around freely and thoroughly breathe in clean, fresh air after a day of rain was heavenly. I was very comfortable wearing a breezy dress with sneakers walking around the eleven-acre paradise. I brought a lightweight denim jacket just if it might be chilly, yet it turned out to be a gorgeous, warm morning.

Explore Day Dress Options

I have put together different day dresses for your benefit. Some are still for warmer weather; others are toe stepping into the fall season. Pair them with sneakers, sandals, or booties depending on the look and occasion for your casual day dress. When I can not decide what to wear and does not feel like a denim & tee kind of day, I reach for a casual day dress. It satisfies my wardrobe dilemma every time.

For your benefit, while shopping if you hover over an item, you will see the retailer, brand, price, and potential sale price. Most categories have similar options with different price points. You can even opt-in for sale alerts for all items. Just click ♡ Get Sale Alert. You will be notified each time the price drops. It is like having someone give you fresh honey from a local wildflower farm.

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Bronzed Beauty

A Wild Afternoon

Window Shopping

A Walk In The Park

Sterling with Pollen

The Love of Flowers

We are not the only ones in the family that loves nature and flowers. Obviously, so does our cat, Sterling. Spotted in this photo after smelling some flowers of his own. He ended up with yellow pollen all over his face. When I asked him why he did it, he said his brother Marmalade dared him to get onto the coffee table and smell the arrangement while mom and dad were at the gardens. If he did then Marmalade would let him have one of his treats. He told him that no one would ever find out. LOL

Day Dresses For Everyone

So whether you are staying in or venturing outside a bit. A day dress is an indispensable wardrobe piece for an effortless outfit. Wear it comfortably and surround with other layering pieces that bring you joy and happiness.

As always, I am here to answer any questions or help with picking out your beige and neutral essentials. I also curate unique looks and gifts based on your needs, personality, occasion, and budget. No minimum, no fee.

For most of us, the weather is still warm. If you need help with more of the last of summer styles, check out the Sundresses You Can Not Live Without for more inspiration. There is also a SEARCH function at the top right of every Golden Tribe page. It helps find whatever you are searching for — answers, tips, products, colors, specific topics, or items. If there is an item out of stock (let’s face it, fashion moves quickly), let me know, and I can try to find you a comparable item(s). I would love to help!

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