Corduroy Outfits Strike a Cord

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Corduroy Outfits Strike a Cord

Corduroy is plush cotton with ribbed, vertical cording, and a unique alternative to your everyday fall and winter fabrics. Although corduroy outfits have existed for a long time, only in the 20th century did corduroy become global, significantly rising in popularity during the 1970s as the “it” fabric choice of the decade. I can remember rocking a solid white, wide cord, pants suit when I was about eight or ten years old in the late 70’s. I paired the ensemble with a rainbow tee and my wooden clogs. In my head was “hip to the groove.” Since it gave me the feeling of being cooler than I actually was, corduroy has been a favorite of mine ever since.

Fast forward into the 2020s, and corduroy outfits have taken a more modern perspective and are reigning high in the women’s category. You can still find a more bohemian vibe with a flared pant. However, today’s corduroy is making a statement within streamlined and contemporary silhouettes. Several brands have embraced corduroy fabric with gusto like luxury brand Brunello Cucinelli within their men’s, women’s, and children lines. As well as more mainstream brands such as Everlane, Madewell, and Free People are featuring corduroy across traditional clothing categories along with shoes and accessories.

The Corduroy Shirt

A corduroy shirt offers a distinct alternative to the typical chambray, lightweight denim, or solid colored shirt. Many come in a fine wale, which gives the feel of a soft velvet or thin velour. Depending on the wale (width of the cord), color, and style, a corduroy shirt may be an unconventional choice to dress up or down your next outfit, but well worth the unexpected change.

The Corduroy Pant

Many retailers are spotlighting corduroy as a central feature for clothing worn during the colder months. The largest categories are corduroy pants, with skirts and jackets both vying for second place. Today, there are countless styles and cuts to choose from your favorite brands. Wear corduroy the same way you wear your favorite pants or jeans.

The Corduroy Skirt

With many varying styles and lengths, skirts are one of my favorite picks for a corduroy outfit. The texture and weight of corduroy beg to be paired with opaque tights and boots in chiller weather. I recently discovered fleece-lined tights — they are a godsend on colder days. They actually felt warmer than the pants I wear on other colder days, and they are surprisingly thinner than I would have expected.

The Corduroy Dress

A dress out of lush, velvety corduroy is a fashionable wardrobe option without being too avant-garde. It puts you on the cutting edge, yet with a classic approach. Because corduroy outfits are both plush and casual you are able to seamlessly transition a corduroy dress from day to night with the appropriate accessories, tights and shoe style.

The Corduroy Jumpsuit

If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you know that I am a fan of jumpsuits, as noted in my post, Why You Need a Jumpsuit in Your Wardrobe. For me, pairing corduroy with a jumpsuit is genuinely the best of both worlds, as it immediately gives you a sassy fashion vibe with hardly any effort.

Corduroy Everywhere You Look

From shoes, handbags, totes, and scarves to hair accessories, corduroy is influencing the non-clothing categories. Accessories tie your ensemble together. Accessories add personality to your look and allow you to express your unique personal style. A corduroy accessory is a perfect way to toe-step into the corduroy craze.

All About Corduroy Outfits

Corduroy is not going anywhere as it has been used for clothing since 200 AD by the Egyptians, making it one of the oldest manufactured fabrics. Corduroy outfits are great for chillier days and ideal when you want to add another textural dimension to your wardrobe. This sturdy and simultaneously lush fabric is going to be a mainstay in the new millennium. I am always on the lookout for brands that carry many corduroy options, so share your discoveries or favorites in the comments below.

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