Comfy Clothes

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Comfy Clothes

During difficult times we search for security, comfort, and feelings of assurance. We instinctively gravitate toward those things that bring us a sense of protection. We think back to those memories of being held in the arms by our parents, wearing footie pajamas, drinking hot chocolate with the tiny marshmallows and watching TV in sleeping bags with everyone piled into the living room. Those childhood memories of feeling totally at ease, happy and snuggly are what we are all craving right now whether it is a conscious choice or subconscious compulsion. It is time to bring out the comfy clothes and loungewear.

As we are spending more time indoors we do not want to look like we just rolled out of bed when it is 3 pm in the afternoon. Yet, we are craving a more relaxed demeanor to this temporary norm. Personally, there have been some mornings I just wanted to pull the covers back over my head. Yet, life does not stop even though we have hit the pause button. There is some solace in the fact that we are all going through this together. So, what to wear if we unexpectedly had to wave to a neighbor or the UPS man from afar? How do you not scare them with your unmanicured nails and one-inch hair roots? Camouflage the overall look with chic, comfy clothes so it looks like you are enduring with some sense of decorum. As always my options range from least to luxe.

No-Thought Comfy Sets

Informal, relaxed, easygoing and unpretentious yet with a spark of modish. A step up from athletic wear, these loungewear sets offer comfort and a bit more modesty (sans the lycra). You might even be able to pull these off with briefs versus a thong. Can I get a virtual high-five? Sets to me are a close cousin to the beneficial jumpsuit. It is the perfect one and done outfit for home lounging or a quick video chat with friends or co-workers.

Comfy Separates

Want to layer or just add a few pieces to what you already own? It is easy to combine pieces to cover, conceal or to supplement with a bit of warmth. Selecting soft fabrics created with modal, Tencel or 4-way stretch offer ease and breathability. Choose essentials that create effortless layering coordinates in your loungewear. Pro tip: muted colors almost always go together and camo is forever a neutral.

Comfy Toesie Covers

For darting around the house, laying on the couch while watching TV or walking out the mailbox you need cozy socks, slippers or shoes. Socks are like gloves for the hands, wearing socks keep your feet dry and prevent unhealthy environments for your feet like athlete’s foot, blisters or sores. All socks and even most slippers and sneakers should benefit from a scrubby-dub-dub in the washing machine on the sanitation cycle at any time but especially in this crazy new world, we all are living in.

The Comfy Clothes Collection

It seemed like the customarily anticipated first day of spring came and went overshadowed by the coronavirus. Spring signals vibrancy, renewal, and growth. Even though our state, like many across the country, has a stay-at-home mandate, being able to see and hear the signs of spring from a window, balcony or yard brings a heightened sense of hope this year. I welcome the change with positivity and look forward to brighter days ahead.

So cozy up to the idea of adding snuggly chic to your at-home lifestyle with next-level loungewear and comfy clothes. Choose a set, or mix and match your favorites to welcome spring wrapped in security, comfort, and feelings of assurance.

Let me know how you are doing, coping and adjusting to our temporary norm. I would love to hear from you. Especially if it is funny or positive as we are all craving a little humor, levity, and optimism during these dispiriting times.