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Clear shoes handbags and accessories

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The clear trend shows no signs of slowing down in 2020 and is clearly popular across the categories of shoes, handbags, and accessories. Clear is so versatile, you can pair it with almost everything in your wardrobe. I thought the clear craze hit its stride in 2019, but it appears everyone including designers want the Cinderella effect to stay long past curfew.

One statement-making transparent item is all you need to elevate an outfit. Choose between clear shoes, a clear bag, or a myriad of clear fashion accessories. Go bolder with PVC heels or an all-clear tote or tone it down with minimal translucent earrings. Either way, you can not go wrong this season by making a clear statement.

PVC and Clear Shoes To Love

I am really loving elements of clear PVC or acrylic in footwear. Whether it is at the toebox, ankle strap, or surrounding the heel these clear pieces add a modern component. Yet, my favorite clear detail is the acrylic heel. It immediately brings chic and sophistication to your outfit. Try a pair with distressed denim. You can thank me later.

Cautiously Clear Footwear

There are certain heels and boots that are almost totally made with clear material around the entire foot. Be cognizant of the breathability for your individual feet. Unlike leather, suede, and some other man-made materials, PVC does not breathe. You may notice your feet becoming hotter and possibly swelling or perspiring with a full-on clear shoe.

I am also not a fan of a clear, enclosed foot box on a pointed toe shoe or heel. In my opinion it is distracting to visibly see your foot squished into a pointed-toe. Yet every shoe and foot are different, so just be cautious when trying them on, remember it is not just about how it looks. If you are going to wear them for at least an hour, those little piggies may start to swell. Most likely not the princess look you were going for. Instead opt for a covered footbed in pointed-toe shoes.

Clearly Stated Handbags & Totes

When I am in my closet and catch a glimpse of my clear tote, I am somehow bewitched into wanting to immediately book an island vacation. It must have mystical powers. Either that or I really just need saltwater and beach sand. I love how these bags display an airy sense of lightness. Clear handbags and totes can be used all year round. But obviously they really sparkle during the spring and summer months when wardrobe shades are lighter and brighter. A clear bag is a perfect compliment.

Concealing Novelty Bags

Similar to a neutral color or black, a clear handbag goes with anything. The trick is to have the contents of your bag or tote organized and somewhat color-coordinated. The easiest way to achieve this is with smaller bags, compartments, and holders concealing most of your personal items. Group like objects together. I have my makeup in one, my hand lotion, nail file, and comb in another.

Translucent Jewelry and Accessories

Lucite and acrylic jewelry and accessories are still the clear choice for 2020. The difference I have noticed is that some pieces have gotten bigger and chunkier. This has created beautiful statement pieces without being overbearing due to their clear qualities. I am currently leaning toward belts with clear buckles or embellishments. There are times I need my waist defined, yet I donโ€™t want a heavy-looking belt to distract from my outfit. Clear is just the right trick.

Endless Clear Options

There are wonderful selections of clear shoes, handbags, jewelry, and accessories in this post. I hope you find them relevant in helping to create a fresh and modern wardrobe. Also, if you need help with more spring fashion, check out the 2020 Spring Fashion Trends for more inspiration. I am curious as to what choices you make from the clear options above. Or if you have found some good items on your own, please share! I can not wait to see your clear fashion photos! And as always, I am here to answer any questions.

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