Black is the Ultimate Slimming Color

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Black slimming outfit

Dark vs. Light: Slimming Outfit Colors

OK, this might seem to be obvious. A pair of black pants or jeans, a black skirt, a black shirt, a black jacket, a black belt or that Little Black Dress (LBD), will always be your BFF. There’s a reason: darker colors contract and conceal, verses lighter colors which expand and highlight. This approach holds true for your wardrobe, make-up color shades, as well as the design elements of your home. If you want something to look smaller or to make it disappear then add a dark color or accent. Black clothing doesn’t produce shadows, thereby creating a smooth silhouette. So let’s face it if you want to minimize a characteristic that you feel is less flattering on your body, then wear black. Black is the best wardrobe color to make you look slimmer each and every time.

If you want something to appear larger, brighter, or highlighted, then add a lighter color. Light colors cast shadows emphasizing areas where your body curves, and fabric bends against the body. If your concerns are a flabby tummy, bigger boobs or jiggly arms then remember that lighter colors will accentuate these features.

When you are shopping for a cocktail or evening dress, what is the number one color selection (even if there are multiple colors)? You guessed it – Black! So don’t be drawn into choosing lighter colors such as white, cream, beige, pink, rosy, or pearl if you are trying to hide imperfections!

Casual black slimming outfit

Black is a Classic Color that will Always be in Style

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away, when I was working in corporate beauty, my entire wardrobe consisted of predominantly black or very dark ensembles. In wearing all black, I honestly never had to worry about fashion trends changing from season to season because I was always on color point. I was able to easily mix and match because all the pieces worked well together. Today, I still follow this same principle even though my wardrobe is a bit more casual. I opt for darker and solid colors with few if any prints in my closet. Unless you are a trendy fashion person, prints can quickly date your wardrobe and are more challenging to stay current from year to year.

Black Clothing Style – Shapes That Make You Appear Even Slimmer

So, the most important decision to appear slimmer is to wear the color black. Followed closely by the style of clothing that you choose. Opt for clothes that are more architectural, straight-line, narrower silhouettes instead of items that are broader, fuller, baggier, and more shapeless. Dressing in one color, like black, gives the illusion of a straight vertical, more slimming line. This holds true for ANY body shape as it doesn’t focus on one area of the body.

Other Benefits of Wearing Black

A darker wardrobe has concealed many a mishap throughout my life. From taxi drivers splashing dirty water on me to the usual drinks and food spills to the dreaded period accident. Darker colors are indeed a must-have for our busy lifestyle as it plays a double role. It hides my body imperfections as well as my lunch stain!

The Ultimate Slimming Outfit

I stumbled onto this brand when my husband and I were in Australia. I needed to find an outfit that was a little bit more dressy than anything I had packed in my suitcase. I didn’t realize beforehand that we were going to a more elaborate event our last night there and it was too cold for a dress. So I went on the lookout for pants. As my mom likes to say, “it’s a shopping opportunity”!

Skinny Black Pants

I’m wearing the skinny black pants that I purchased. I can’t tell you how comfortable these pants are to wear. They’re made out of cotton, viscose and elastin, so they stretch and move really well yet hold their shape. I feel like they suck me in a little bit to give you a flattering profile. I love that they have the viscose in the material because that also helps with my clumsiness. Meaning, that dirt repels off of these pants really easily. If I do get a stain on them, I can just clean it temporarily with a wet cloth and the water wicks away and dries almost instantaneously. Because of their simple style, I can easily transition an outfit with these slimming pants from weekend casual to full-out glam. They are my LBP – Little Black Pants (I don’t know if I just coined that phrase or if it’s a real thing – but let’s all start using it!).

After returning home from our trip down under I was delighted to discover that this brand would ship internationally. It might take a little bit longer to receive them; however, like most things, it’s worth the wait! I’ve had these pants for several years and they look just as good today as the day I bought them.

Favorite Slimming T-shirt

My go-to black slimming t-shirt is from Theory. Theory is one of my favorite brands because they have iconic staples that are high quality and will be classics in your closet for years to come. I love the elbow-length sleeves as they hide any arm jiggle and make my triceps appear more slimming. The silhouette is also more flattering as it cinches in just the right places around the midriff but still feels super comfortable on the body without being too tight. I pair this top with pretty much anything – jeans, skirts, pants. It’s also a fabulous layering piece under sweaters and jackets.

We see new trends all the time, Navy is the New Black, Gray is the New Black, Green is the New Black, Burgundy is the New Black, or Brown is the New Black. Let’s all come to grips with Black will always be the New Black. Period.

Now I need to go put on my all-beige outfit I’m wearing today – I know, I know…

Black slimming outfits

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