Black and White Fashion

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Black and White Fashion

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I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to return to the days when we can travel again. As self-acclaimed travel bugs, my husband and I are already looking forward to the end of 2021 and into 2022. We are anxious for some much-needed vacations to distant destinations. When I travel my entire suitcase is mostly represented by black and white items. Each piece creates countless outfits that can be mixed and matched for weeks on end. No matter where I am, what season it is, or what occasion I am dressing for, a black and white outfit never disappoints.

I forecasted trends at the beginning of Spring to showcase this year’s upcoming 2020 Summer Fashion Trends. Little did I know that black and white fashion was going to take a front-row seat to many of these summers’ favorites. Personally, it is my go-to color combination. It seems so simple, yet every time it elevates an outfit with an air of elegance and sophistication. Do not get me wrong, I have seen many a black and white outfit go astray. Before you know it, one can look like a jester on Halloween with too many checks or stripes. Keeping your black and white simple will almost always ensure a successful outfit.

Key Pieces

It goes without saying there are a few essential pieces to a black and white wardrobe. For me, many of these essential items I have owned for years. If you buy a quality piece and maintain its care instructions, you should own it for decades. Some friends are sometimes surprised by how little I have in my own closet. (BTW, my husband says that ‘little’ is subjective, LOL). I am an advocate of quality over quantity. I invest a little upfront, yet I save a bundle over the long run.

Black and White Tops

Black and White Bottoms

Black and White Patterns

You might already know that I am not a big pattern person. However, with such a clean color palette as black and white, it is effortless to add black and white patterns and textures to your outfit. This will help to create more interest than just black and white color blocking.

A Pop of Color

A small pop of color will help to elevate your black and white outfit. Accessories are the easiest way to incorporate a pop without changing your black and white ensemble dynamics. Add a bag, shoe, belt, or even jewelry to sneak in a splash of fun details and a hint of color.

Dwelling in Black and White

This color combination is also making a big splash in home decor. Furniture and accessories are starting to see an influx of black and white throughout home designs. I am honestly digging some of the distinct accessories I am noticing throughout many home brands. I have showcased several items from one of my favorites, Jonathan Adler.

Infinite Black and White Possibilities

And as always, I am here to answer any questions or help with combining items to create your perfect black and white outfit. I also curate individual looks and gifts based on your needs, body shape, personality, occasion, and budget. If you need help with more summer fashions, check out the 2020 Summer Fashion Trends for more inspiration.

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