All-White Summer Outfits

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All-White Summer Outfits

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Do not get me wrong, I am the first person to wear full-on black from head to toe (even in the high heat of summer), but black is just too hot for most of us. Not for me, my husband jokes that I will ask for a sweater if I end up in hell. LOL. Hopefully, I will never have to worry about that, so for now, it is all about an all-white summer outfit.

Nothing screams summer more than a cool white outfit. The darker the fabric, the more heat is absorbed. A black material absorbs all wavelengths of light and reflects none. On the other hand, white materials reflect all wavelengths of light and absorb the least amount of heat. Making this fabric color the most refreshing to wear all summer long.

All-White for Every Body

The 2020 summer fashion scene has some of the best white options I have seen in several seasons. Many flatter most body types in lovely fabrics and forgiving shapes that take you through the heat of any balmy afternoon. If you are thinking you could never pull off an all-white outfit, you are so wrong! Anyone can absolutely rock an all-white look! An all-white is effortless and trouble-free to mix and match with other white items in your wardrobe. Just follow the tips and guidelines for your specific body shape, and you will be golden!

All-White Outfits

Enjoy my curated selection of this seasonโ€™s all-white summer outfits. You will notice a sprinkling of many different looks, from playful casual to alluring daywear, or something special for a backyard date night. I like to add a sprinkling of taupe or beige into the blend if I do not feel like being completely tonal. It is still fresh and adds a tiny bit of dimension and sophistication to an otherwise monochromatic outfit. As always, my options within each category go from least to luxe.

All-White Dresses

Romers and Jumpsuits in All-White

White Tops

Pants and Denim in All-White

All-White Shorts

All-White Skirts

Shoes to Wear with All-White Outfits

I am not a huge fan of white shoes. I love a fashion sneaker or white bootie, yet it is harder for me to pull off a white sandal. Do not get me wrong, there are some attractive white sandals. Yet, I have noticed they are more difficult to find. In my opinion, many look cheapโ€”even some expensive brands of white shoes. Instead, I opt for a nude color or a barely-there sandal to pull off an all-white outfit.

Countless All-White Summer Options

There are irresistible selections of all-white summer outfits in this post. I hope you find them relevant to creating a fresh and modern wardrobe for this hot summer. I am curious as to what choices you make from the all-white options above. Or, if you have found a few fun all-white options on your own, please share! I can not wait to see your white fashion photos! And as always, I am here to answer any questions in the comments below.

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