5 Tips to Transition Summer Clothes to Fall

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Growing up, my mom was a master at extending our wardrobes into each season. With three girls, very close in age, she learned to be pretty thrifty and yet savvy at the time. When I was in my lovely preteen years (scratch lovely – more like moody, cumbersome, and awkward), I thought my mom was being kind of cheap. Now that I am much older and wiser, I realize how intelligent she was in utilizing our clothes to the fullest as well as having us look cute and chic.

As we transition from summer into fall, get the most use out of your entire wardrobe. Essential summer items that you have in your closet can easily be transitioned into the fall season. With a few accessories, layers and adding some deeper colors into your outfits, you can seamlessly transition from summer into fall with essentials from your current wardrobe.

Fall hat with feather

1. I Love the Drama of a Hat for Fall

As I start to crave a Chai Latte, it signals a change into the fall season. For me, that is the hat season. Do not get me wrong I adore my summer hats, yet I love the materials and tones that fall and winter hats bring to a wardrobe. My husband always says that a hat is a bald man’s best friend. I don’t have that problem as I wear hats to protect my face from the winter sun and to provide warmth during colder weather. Just bring an immediate confidence factor to whatever you are wearing. Someone once said (I need to find out who), “when you walk into a room with a hat, you make a grand entrance.” If ever I need a little confidence booster I put on a fashionable hat, and it does the trick every time. Adding a hat with the other tips mentioned above will be the icing on the cake for any fall outfit.

2. A Scarf Signals Cooler Days

As summer comes to an end, it is time to dig out your cozy scarves and shift your warmer weather outfits to the fall season. A scarf is an indispensable accessory for any season but especially leading into fall. Anyone and I mean ANYONE can sport a scarf and instantly make an outfit appear more fashionable. There are a bazillion ways to wear a scarf (literally that is a blog post by itself!). It is a little gem that everyone needs at least one in their closet. I have a solid, chartreuse green scarf that I have owned for years. It is soft cotton, and it instantly elevates any outfit with a quick pop of color. I use it throughout the year, and it practically goes into my suitcase on every trip, as it is super soft and doesn’t wrinkle easily.

3. Hello Jacket and Sweater Weather

Stylish Jackets

The season that fashion jackets rein and are not covered yet by winter overcoats. Whether it’s a jean, moto, utility, leather jacket, blazer, or something more fun and unique, a jacket helps to ground an outfit and transition those summer shirts and lighter-weight pants, skirts, and dresses into the fall season. I do not want to stop wearing some of my most favorite summer shirts and blouses yet just because it is getting a little cooler outside. A stylish jacket layered on top enables more wear of my summer favorites. Jackets tend to be an investment versus other pieces in your closet. So, I typically shy away from styles that are too trendy and stick with cuts and colors that can be worn throughout many seasons and across different forms of outfits. Although every now and then I break the mold with a “to die for” piece, I just cannot live without. (Guilty.)

Cozy Sweaters

I am obsessed with sweaters, they are the ultimate comfy wardrobe item. I love being warm and comfortable, and a great sweater satisfies both of these needs. I like to pair a pullover with just about anything. Especially if you were opting for white cream or neutral color, it would complement most of your summer shorts, skirts, or dresses. Just remember to either half-tuck or French-tuck a bulky sweater into the front part of your shorts, jeans, or skirt since a sweater. One of my go-to fashion tricks, is layering a sleeveless or short sleeve sweater over top of a dress. If you need a little bit more definition at the waistline, then cinch with a belt.

Comfortable Cardigans

When you just aren’t ready to pull out a jacket yet, cardigans are another must-have essentials for the fall season. Whether it’s cropped short or long, it’s a layering piece similar to the jacket that quickly brings an outfit together. If your cardigan has a matching sash, then leave it in your closet and choose another belt to give your outfit a more chic alternative.

Shop the Look

4. Adding Tights Instantly Transition Summer Dresses and Skirts into the Fall

As we transition out of summer’s sun-kissed skin, we venture into more pale skin tones. In the fall season, I start to cut back on my sunless tanner, so my legs are a bit pastier than in the previous months. I feel a lot more comfortable wearing tights to cover up any imperfections a more tanned leg will camouflage. When wearing a skirt or dress, remember when adding tights, you almost always need to add a slip if one was not required before. Tights tend to grab at the material, so a silky slip will stop this from happening and enable your skirt or dress to drape and flow flawlessly. An additional benefit to tights is that most offer medium control and a little support around the tummy, hips, thighs, and butt. Can I get two snaps and an amen??

On one of my recent trips to London, I felt like there was a store dedicated to just tights and hosiery on every street. This is one accessory that I feel Europeans really utilize more so than we do in the states. I do not know why that is because they are so practical and you can purchase them almost anywhere.

Matte vs. Shiny Tights

I would recommend tights that are more matte than ones with a shine. I think they just look better with an outfit. I feel that shiny tights can be distracting. What I also love about tights, they virtually never go out of style, and they can last year after year if you take care of them properly. Opaque tights instantly make an outfit appear like you are dressing for colder weather. Do not follow the old rule that you cannot wear them with open-toed shoes. You absolutely can. Additionally, pairing them with a short boot will instantly transition a summer skirt or dress into an autumn look.

5. Booties and Boots Immediately Say Fall to Summer Clothes

Fall is my favorite time of year to wear boots with an outfit. Additionally, I’m not as worried about missing a pedicure now that I am shifting to closed-toe shoes. I love the look when you partner an ankle bootie with shorts or summery skirts (especially a midi-length). You can either wear boots with a bare leg in warmer climates or layer with a black or colorful tight. Don’t feel like you need to limit your boots to basic black. A white or nude color boot can be unexpected and makes for a chic alternative that will go with virtually everything in your fall wardrobe. On the flip side, adding a pop of color like cranberry, burgundy, orange, sage or marigold as a boot shade will shout how much you love autumn.

Enjoy the Fall!

Outfits that transition summer clothes to fall carry you from those warm months straight through to cooler weather. Remember to mix some of your most favorite staple pieces from both summer and winter. Mix shorts with a sweater on top. Or wear a summer shirt with a jacket and booties. Taking elements from different season helps you to dress weather appropriate while still being able to wear your loved essentials from each season.