4 Simple Wardrobe Mistakes You Can Fix Now in Your Closet

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Wardrobe mistakes you can fix in your closet

We have all been guilty of the following mistakes at one time or another. However, with time and age, we tend to either forget or just ignore these wardrobe missteps. The good news is, there are simple tips and tweaks we can apply to the clothes and accessories that are currently in our closet to avoid these fashion faux pas. So let’s look at 4 simple wardrobe mistakes you can fix right now.

1. Shoe Mistakes That are Easy to Fix

When you go to the airport, we are used to seeing men having their shoes shined. When was the last time you saw a woman sitting there? We have invested a lot in our shoes (if my husband only knew!). Our shoe styles are so much more complex, diverse, and typically more expensive than a man’s. So why do we not take better care of them?

We have pointy-toed shoes that take a lot of beating on the tips, thin high heels that quickly wear out because of all the pressure on those little points. Scuffs and scrapes on the back of our right heel from driving. Our treads that have worn thin from excessive use. The list goes on and on depending on the style. Not to mention, when was the last time your favorite pair of leather or suede shoes where cleaned, polished, sealed, or even weatherproofed? An entire outfit can be ruined by shoes that have not been appropriately maintained. Some of these shoe wardrobe mistakes can be remedied at home with a little DIY shoe kit; others should be left to a skilled, local shoe cobbler. Ask friends or a salesperson who you trust for recommendations.

2. Fixable Belt Mistakes

One of the biggest mistakes I see with a belt is one that is either too small or too large. If your belt is too small, just let it go, let it go (I hear a Disney song in the background…). Thank it for its time with you and give or donated it to someone that can wear and love it. More often though I see a belt that is too large. There are two ways to handle this wardrobe mistake:

  • The best option is to take it to your new BFF cobbler (who has all of your shoes anyway) and have it shortened and/or have additional holes punched into it for a proper fit;
  • Use fashion tape to secure the end around your waist. Affixing it will stop it from flopping or sticking out, which makes your waist look larger than it actually is.

3. Purse and Handbag Mistakes That Everyone Makes

No matter what the price range, handbags can be an investment. Bags definitely hit us in the pocketbook (yes, I went there). Because a handbag serves such a functional role, we forget what an impact it can play in making or killing an outfit just by its condition. Keep your handbags cleaned and conditioned similar to your shoes, and they will last for years. Repairs and alterations can usually be fixed through your local cobbler. Designer handbags may be sent back to the manufacturer through the store where you made the purchase for new straps or minor repairs. However, I have noticed they do not clean and recondition your handbag, so you still need to DIY or send it to an expert cobbler.

So for the preceding three common mistakes just a little bit of TLC for the accessories will serve you well in the long run by saving you money, adding years of wearability and will keep you from looking disheveled. A local shoe repairman or cobbler just might become your new BFF.

4. Not Taking Your Clothes to be Tailored is a Big Wardrobe Mistake

Wearing existing clothes in your closet that are either too small or too large is a big wardrobe mistake which is super easy to fix. Having clothes that don’t fit properly and are languishing in your closet because you never feel your best wearing them is a complete waste of money. With just a little expense spent on alterations, you can take those pieces that you initially loved and customize them to your physique. That way, you are not having to go out and purchase a brand new item.

A simple wardrobe mistake you can fix immediately is wearing a long sleeve shirt, dress or jacket from your closet in which the sleeves are too long. This common mistake is merely going to make you look frumpy and dowdy. I used to think it was difficult and expensive to shorten my sleeves as I assumed they would have to work with the end of an intricate sleeve or cuff. In reality, they typically work from the shoulder and shorten the sleeve that way and is a relatively easy fix.

An issue that even normal-size chest or butt is the negative effect it can have on skirts and dresses. These body parts make a garment protrude out in those areas, thus pulling the hemline up in the same spot (sometimes by a lot if those areas are more ample in size). While working for a luxury retailer, I’ve seen tailors take off as much as a 10” variation on a hemline from the front to the back due to the unevenness these body parts can create.

I’m 5’-4.5” (I’m taking my 1⁄2 inch!). I have a relatively small frame, tiny waist (thanks mom), very short legs, long torso and bigger boobs (thanks again mom – kinda). Clothes do not tend to fit me off the rack. Most things look like a potato sack on me because of my overly ample bosoms. I wear a 32E or 32EE depending on the brand. Those of you with a more substantial chest can sympathize with me that it is a blessing and a curse at the same time. Friends of mine that were smaller chested and opted to get a breast enlargement didn’t believe me until they had their surgery. It truly is more challenging to fit into items that don’t make you look large all over. So, because of my extra-large chest and my short legs, I have had clothes altered most of my life. Although on the flip side it has also taught me that properly fitted wardrobes really do make your outfit and figure look better.

One issue with any size chest is the difficulty with button-down shirts gapping between the buttons. An easy solution is the same fashion tape I use for belts. It holds all day, and it is easy to remove. I do not find the tape works for a wrap shirt or dress as it does not really lay smoothly and tends to pucker. For those garments, I have my alterations person sew in a concealed snap, and it keeps the “V” of the wrap from gapping or opening to low.

The excellent news for all of us is these wardrobe mistakes are easy to correct with items that we already have in our own closets. No need to go out and purchase new clothes when we have previously purchased items that we absolutely love. With just a little tuck here and a little nip there you can give your wardrobe the much-needed update to make your outfits shine like the superstar that you already are!

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