2020 Sundresses You Can Not Live Without

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Once COVID-19 mandates started to take effect, I slipped from my regular schedule. It became a perpetual haze of every day looking like the one before. There were no more exciting pops of events, dinners out, meeting up with friends, wine dates, or the weekly lunch/dinner out with my mom. Nothing was breaking up the monotony of the day, week, or month. It felt like the repeat groundhog day. The hot, humid days of summer were here, yet I was not wearing any of the sundresses that typically help pull me out of my winter funk.

Like the groundhog, I have finally pulled myself out of the long, dark burrow to see the light. I refuse to wear the same things every day that do not break up my week. No more are the infinite days of wearing a marginal step up from athleisure wear and loungewear. I have been fortunate that for large blocks of my career, I have been able to work from home. Through all of those years, I would get up, shower, get dressed, and even put on a little makeup. The more pulled together I was, the more productive I was in my home office. It was a little mind game that I played with myself, but it worked. It helped me not to get sidetracked with things I needed to do at home. But instead of my standard WFH outfit, I have started to play with different items from my closet. And why not? Should we not be dressing for ourselves, anyway?

Explore Sundress Options

I like to experiment with a typical and otherwise average looking sundress and wear it in many different ways. Try making it more easy-going by pairing it with sneakers or flat sandals and layering on fun wardrobe accessories like a vest or lightweight sleeveless pullover. Or I lean in the opposite direction with heels and dressier adornments for a flirty date night version. Either way, I am wearing sundresses almost every day while working from home. No matter what style of a sundress, from casual to dressy, you might choose for the day, there is no denying that starting with a simple sundress is one of the most versatile options to play with.

This is unquestionably the year of the sundress. It is outshining almost every other option for summer. There seems to be an endless inventory of dresses, and at the same time, most of them are on sale. With the nation still under the heavy influence of COVID-19, it is causing a surplus of inventory for most retailers. The silver lining is that you benefit from new styles, colors, and fabrics that are on sale today. Yet, do not wait too long as popular items might not have your size for long. As always, my options within each category go from least to luxe. As a bonus, when you hover over an item, you will see the retailer, brand, price, and a potential sale price. You can even opt-in for sale alerts. Yippie!

Short Sundresses

Sundresses in Mid Lengths

Maxi Sundresses

Countless Sundress Options

Summer is about laying in hammocks, watching the clouds roll by, watermelons, wet morning grass, singing birds. That list for me includes a sundress. There are tempting sundress options in this post to play around with other items from your wardrobe. I hope you find that will give you multiple options when dressing for the day or occasion.

And as always, I am here to answer any questions or help with layering items with your sundress. I also curate individual looks and gifts based on your needs, personality, occasion, and budget. If you need help with more summer fashions, check out the 2020 Summer Fashion Trends for more inspiration. There is also a search function at the top right of every page, which helps find whatever you are searching for โ€” answers, tips, products, specific topics, or items. If you canโ€™t find what you are looking for, just drop me a line as maybe it is a topic that needs its own post inspired by you! Stay Golden!

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