2020 Summer Fashion Trends

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2020 Summer Fashion Trends

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One of my fondest memories as a child was having another friend or sister play with me on a seesaw. We would seesaw so fast and hard that our butts slam hard against the dirt, creating puffs of smoke before rocketing back into the sky with our hair just trying to catch up to the up and down motion. Conversely, on the flip side, we would create the ultimate balancing act to create equilibrium. We would both lay down on our backs towards our side of the seesaw. We would have to meticulously inch forward or backward depending on each other’s weight to obtain harmonious stability.

This summer of 2020 is a seesaw on so many levels. For most of us, things are either up or down this year. It is a balancing act to maintain a stable footing socially, economically, or politically as we do not live in a vacuum. Life involves others. The status quo is being questioned, justly so. Questioning the status quo (which is done with every generation) is an important way for us to evolve to a new understanding of our society. For us to find a harmonious balance, we all need to shift a little forward and back again as needed.

The 2020 summer fashion trends seem to be mirroring what we are experiencing in our interwoven lives. In fashion, there is a balancing act between shifting styles of confident, structured, and architectural pieces beside the feminine, flirty, and elegant selections. The confidence of leather, the bold, strong statements of black and white, the authority of safari is balanced against the femininity of pastels, florals, delicate shirring, smocked pieces, and the softer side of women’s summer fashion.

8 Essential 2020 Summer Fashion Trends

  1. Vegan Leather
  2. Black and White
  3. Safari
  4. Bucket Bags
  5. Bucket Hats
  6. Shirred
  7. Smocked
  8. Floral and Fauna

Vegan Leather

As mentioned in the article, Why Every Woman Needs a Leather Jacket, real leather is from the tanned hides of an animal. Vegan or faux leathers utilize synthetic and or natural materials to emulate the look of genuine leather. Items that qualify as faux leather are manufactured from cork, barkcloth, glazed cotton, waxed cotton, paper, polyvinyl chloride, and polyurethane. The plastic versions are the most common materials used for synthetic leather. Just because the label says, vegan leather does not imply that it is a natural material. The bonus of a faux leather jacket is that it is typically a less expensive option. That does not mean inexpensive. Depending on the brand, the cost usually is less than its genuine real counterpart.

This summer, faux or vegan leather is taking a front seat in the fashion world. No longer is it considered the unrefined cousin of real leather. What some are calling ‘mindful luxury’ has become the only commitment by some top fashion brands. Everlane, Victoria Beckham, Stella McCartney, Free People, H&M, and Zara are just a few brands that offer exclusively or almost entirely vegan leather options. Leather is a dominant and confident material. However, this summer trend, you will notice very wearable fashion styles in airy pastel shades of pink, cream, pistachio, butter, and taupe, producing a great feminine touch.

Black and White

The mix of black and white is probably my favorite color combination. I am drawn to the bold and strong statement that black and white evokes when worn on a woman. In the 2020 summer fashion, this commingling of black and white is the most diverse we have seen in several years. From demure to daring, there is no denying the assured strength that black and white summons from its wearer.

An intense black and white stripe is a fearless approach for the 2020 summer fashion trend. Go vertical or diagonal. Never wear a horizontal stripe unless you are a tall, thin drop of water, as seen in a rectangle body shape. It will not flatter most of us. Trust me, pictures never lie. Select stripes and prints this summer, ranging from small and delicate to big and daring. A black and white look, which is most likely what is already in your closet, is partnering solid black or white flowy blouses with contrasting black or white pants or skirts.


Most of us are not going to experience an actual safari this summer due to travel restrictions. But, there are no restrictions on your safari fashion choices this summer. Where spring saw some bolder colors in safari wear, like pink and aqua. Summer is taking a more natural and authentic approach. Wearing only one item from your safari collection, immediately shouts that you are not the least bit intimidated by an opposing lioness. By wearing safari you immediately have a seat at the captain’s table. The safari fashion trend for 2020 summer is about expressing a laid-back and yet confident vibe.

Bucket Bags & Hats

Never in the history of the bucket, has this ordinary and utilitarian item been so popular. True, it is in every household across the world in one form or another, but it continues to elevate its household station to designer status. Both the bucket bag and bucket hat have been rising in popularity over the past several years to become staples within the fashion industry. Many retail brands have permanently added them to their standard category selections.

If you do not own a bucket bag, add it to your bucket list this summer. The bag is also one of the most functional handbags out there, allowing you unobstructed access to all of your belongings. From accessible to luxury, minimalist to statement-making, this practical bag is here to stay.

A bucket hat has me daydreaming of white sands, beach grasses, digging for mollusks in my rubber boots, and building oceanside fires as daylight turns toward a golden orange sunset. Cue the bubbly and fresh shucked oysters. Even though bucket hat materials span throughout all four seasons, we see new textiles, prints, and embellishments, making it an essential summer fashion influencer. If a wide-brimmed summer hat is a little too much for you as a fashion statement, then a bucket hat might be just what the sun-doctor ordered. It will still protect the sides of your face and neck without being as obtrusive or dominating as a wide-brim.

Shirred & Smocked

Shirred and smocked sounds similar to shaken, not stirred. That is a different kind of blog post for another day that I will gladly write! However, like shaken not stirred, shirred and smocked are similar approaches, yet are slightly different in their technique and visual appearance.

Shirring requires the use of both elastic thread in the bobbin and all-purpose thread in the needle of a sewing machine. The elastic thread evenly gathers the fabric between machine stitches, creating texture and elasticity.

Smocking uses embroidery stitches to gather the fabric to help create stretch—and add decorative patterns at the same time—without the use of elastic thread. Smoking is often done by hand. It utilizes pleats to create intricate designs and manipulate the appearance and fit of a garment.

Most of us are not going to recognize the difference between shirred and smocked. And do you know what? It does not matter as long as you love the item. Whichever you choose (knowingly or not), you are sure to stir up a conversation as shirred and smocked pieces are hot items creating softer silhouettes to this summer fashion season.

Floral and Fauna

If your inner nature is calling, then this summer’s floral and fauna is the answer to your “shelter in place” gloom. Tropical themes, large florals, bright ferns, and colorful blooms will go a long way to fulfilling your want for the beauty of outdoors. This summer fashion trend is bursting with vibrancy, color, and playful silhouettes. If you know me at all, you know I am not a prints girl. Yet, these bright, happy, and playful patterns have me smiling all the way to click-to-order. Consider this your official fashion summer guide to dressing like a nature lover.

2020 Summer Fashion Trend Roundup

As we move deeper into 2020, the summer fashion trends seem to be mirroring what we are experiencing in our complicated lives. Fashion is evolving and adapting to our new necessities and lifestyles. It is a seesaw balance between what we have been used to and what lies ahead in all our futures. Yet, as we journey into this new uncharted normalcy, it is reassuring to know that current trends are also showcasing a much needed comforting, positive, and cheerful viewpoint.

Have fun with your clothes, and in return, you will feel more confident, happy, and balanced. I would love to hear your summer trend adventures (even if they are within your own home) in the comment section below. As always, I am here to answer any questions.

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