2020 Spring Jackets

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Spring Jackets 2020

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Being in Charlotte, NC, the weather changes as often as my cat, Marmalade, takes a nap. Like many places in the spring, it can be delightfully warm during the day, yet there is still a cold briskness in the air even before sunset. Whether we venture out for an after-dinner walk or sit outside on the balcony with a nice glass of wine, I find myself reaching for a spring jacket to take the chill off. 

Typically, I pair a jacket over a summer dress or casual top and skirt to go out quite regularly. Spring jackets add a nice dimension and style to an otherwise plain outfit. It is kinda my go-to spring ensemble. Yet, since my husband and I are still wary of social outings, my outfits have changed to reflect our latest solo activities. 

Recently, we had the most gorgeous of days, so we had to venture outside as if we actually had somewhere to go. We did not, but it felt good playing dress-up and getting out. Those dress-up clothes would usually be considered casual under any other circumstances. It felt odd to put on a skirt and jacket just to go for a short walk. Although, within minutes, I felt like my old self again. And the atmosphere around us seemed to have a glimpse of normalcy. 

So as we all slowly inch back into an amended norm, start wearing some of your favorite spring jackets. It adds style and instant warmth (my arms are always cold – are yours?). Putting on a spring jacket to me feels like a constant hug. And right now, couldn’t we all use a few extra hugs?

The spring jacket spectrum is just as diverse as the types of butterflies. They range from athleisure to dinner jackets. Having an arsenal of spring jackets to pull from gives you more freedom and flexibility with your wardrobe looks. As always, my options go from least to luxe in each category. I won’t tell…go crazy. 

Denim Jacket in Spring Colors

Spring Moto Jacket

Trench Jacket

Spring Utility Jacket

Athleisure Jacket

Review of 2020 Spring Jackets

Luckily for your jacket, it will have a longer lifespan than a butterfly. So choose well, choose quality, and only choose one that passes the ‘I love it’ test. My motto has always been: if you do not love it, then do not buy it. I have put many articles of clothing back after really being honest with myself and asking that test question. Most jackets are an investment (even casual ones). So buy one you will love.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or leave a comment below about your own jacket picks. I can not wait to see your spring jackets on social and tag me on your favorites!

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