2020 Rompers I am Loving Right Now

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Most people have been asking if romper is going out of style since they were invented in the early 1900s. Like the jumpsuit, it seems that women either love them and have several in their closet, or they never made it off the rack. I feel it is one item that must be tried on. A romper never does itself justice on a hanger. I admit, most look like a sad potato sack next to other items on the boutique rack. Do not dismiss this diamond in the rough. A romper is one article of clothing that can not be judged by its cover. But you must find a style or brand that fits your body shape.

History of the Romper

The popularity of rompers peaked in the 1950s when they were used by women as leisurewear —and even swimwear. Although the romper fizzled on the fashion scene for decades, it never disappears entirely. And starting in the late 2010s, the romper dress and romper shorts returned to fashion. It has steadily been climbing in popularity with each passing year. Some brands call it a playsuit. Many online retailers are starting to list a separate category of jumpers/rompers when searching for clothing. This easy-peasy, one-and-done outfit is not going away anytime soon. The romper and Mark Twain have this in common, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”

Romper Swimwear

The funny thing is that 1950s swimwear (including rompers) is also currently on-trend with many one-piece suits in addition to bikini styles. Romper designed swimwear especially compliments, an inverted triangle body shape. These styles help to emphasize with your bottom half and offsets your broader shoulders. The romper takes a modern splash in retro-inspired swimwear. These bathing suit rompers are designed to dazzle the Marilyn Monroe in all of us from stripes, checks, and ruffles.

Picking the Perfect Romper

One of the more challenging things is finding the romper that fits you perfectly. For me, a romper and jumpsuit both present the same concern: does it fit in the torso? Meaning does the rise fit your specific frame. You do not want the torso of the romper too long or too short. If it is too long, you can typically finesse it with a belt or sash, if the romper style allows it. This trick pulls up the crotch area upward, so it does not make your butt look baggy. I only use this option if I absolutely love the romper, and I just have to have it. If your romper is too short-waisted, then I would put it back on the rack. Because no one wants to feel or look at someone else’s wedgy or god forbid — their camel-toe! If you find one that fits your torso frame, then you are golden. You have now moved to the side of ‘love them.’

One of My Favorite Rompers

I never thought I would type the sentence, “My favorite romper is,” but here we are! I am currently loving this romper. It is so comfortable and easy to wear. It is a fun piece. I will wear time and time again on many different occasions. Honestly, it had me at ‘camo.’ LOL. Those who know me know that my only prints are typically anything animal (leopard, cheetah, zebra, tiger, or giraffe) and camo. That is it. These are timeless prints that NEVER go out of style. They are staples in my closet. I like the lightweight denim fabric of this romper, which enables me to take it from casual daywear with sneakers and into the night with a pair of heels and statement jewelry. I am also thankful that the inseam is a little bit more modest than most. This romper features patch front pockets and tab details at the waist to cinch it in for more curves or keep it loose for a more relaxed effect. I like to fold up the sleeves on a warmer day.

Frankly, I almost always wear a romper or shorts with some kind of heel, whether it is a wedge, mule, bootie, or sandal because of my 5’-4” frame and shorter legs. I try to create the illusion of longer legs (and trust me, it is an illusion) with a few inches from my shoes. I am currently wearing these sandals more and more because they literally feel like clouds under my feet. I do not know what it is with this brand, but I buy them more often because they are so comfortable. Additionally, I think a heel upgrades the look of your outfit. I grab one of my favorite pair of sunglasses and a matching handbag, and out the door, I go for a stroll. Tucked inside my handbag is a handmade face mask or two from my wonderful Mom, just in case I have a chance meeting with another person. You can find a large online selection of masks and face coverings here.

So Many To Choose From

I enjoy each season for different reasons, yet summer is my jam. I prefer hot weather, and what better way to enjoy it than with a unique twist to standard shorts? This season, I am charmed by rompers more than ever before. They put me in my happy place, similar to a good hair day, Everything just fits into place with this new summer onesie. I have gathered many diverse options for you to browse. As always, my selections go from least to luxe in each category.

Endless Romper Options

There are beautiful selections of rompers in this post. I hope you find them relevant in helping to create a fresh and modern wardrobe for the summer. I am curious as to what choices you make from the romper options above. Or, if you have found a few fun rompers on your own, please share! I can not wait to see your romper fashion photos! And as always, I am here to answer any questions in the comments below.

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