The Tremendous 2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

My mom has always been my shopping sidekick. She calls herself my ‘Shopping Sherpa’. This year’s shopping looks very different than in years past. Just around the corner, the 2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is arguably the biggest and baddest sale of the year! And this year, there is a TWIST- in an awesome, good way!! No matter where you live or whether you are a seasoned Nordstrom shopper or not, you have EARLY online access to preview and save your favorites to your own Wish List. Even if you are a newbie to Nordstrom, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has something for everyone, featuring new arrivals from top brands at great prices. This year the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale will be from August 19–30.

Key Dates

Online Shopping At Its Best

My shopping sherpa and I are viewing everything online. And, we do not need to wear a mask while window shopping, virtually. No need to wait for the sale day, drive to your destination, or fight for a parking space. You do not need for a sales associate to bring you another size, wait for other customers to move out of the way so that you can each remain six feet apart, or wait for a dressing room to open up. And most importantly, you do not need to wait to check out. And trust me, for this enormous sale, the EARLY bird gets the worm. So I am going to help you get prepared and on how you can gain early access and share pro tips to avoid the public frenzy.

Early Access

To gain earlier access than the public you need to be a Nordstrom cardmember. If you do not have a Nordstrom credit card, get one NOW.

Cardmember Immediate Benefits:

  1. Early Access. You will get early access 6 Days prior to the public, starting on August 13.
  2. Start Shopping ASAP. Once approved, you can sign in to access your card online and start shopping right away.
  3. LIMITED TIME – Get a $60 Bonus Note! Make any purchase at Nordstrom,, or Nordstrom Rack on your new card the day you’re approved and get a $60 Bonus Note to spend later (then use it on the Anniversary Sale).
  4. Earn 3 Points per Dollar. Earn points 3X as fast toward Nordstrom Notes as a cardmember
  5. Exclusive Cardmember Benefits. In addition to all the great member benefits, you will also receive $100 in alterations benefits.

Basic Access

  1. Sign In or Create a Nordstrom Account
  2. New This Year: Preview the Anniversary Sale online catalog, available NOW.
  3. Save your favorites to your Wish List. If you are unsure about sizing, order multiple sizes as Nordstrom offers free shipping and free returns.
  4. Set a reminder alert on your phone, tablet, and computer for August 19, the first day of the sale. Also, sign up for my ♡ Get Sale Alert on any item you see below and I will alert the day the price drops for the sale.
  5. Add items from your Wish List to the shopping cart on the first day of the sale. Online shopping begins at 9:30 am ET/6:30 am PT.
  6. Do the shopping endorphins happy dance.

Pro Tips

  1. Double Your Rewards. Cardmembers may use a Personal Double Points Day to earn 2X the points on any day you choose (I know when I am using mine!). If you do not have a Nordstrom credit card, get one NOW.
  2. Stock Up. Think about items you use regularly and take advantage of stocking up for the season, or even year! I usually splurge on my daily beauty products knowing I will end up saving more money in the long run. This is also the time I purchase many of my birthday and holiday gifts for others.
  3. Buy Now Wear Later. While it might seem early to start shopping for fall merchandise – trust me, the savings are worth it!
  4. Don’t Snooze – You’ll Lose. Items are already showing out of stock. Check out our post for the 20 Most Popular Items.
  5. Get Sale Alert. If there are items you like from my selections, click on ‘♡ Get Sale Alert’ and I will alert you every time your item(s) drop in price!

Preview Favorites

I have been previewing, searching, filtering, and trying things on to be your Nordy shopping guru this year. I have done all of the heavy lifting for you, so all you have to do is ‘click!’ I will showcase items that you are going to love now and pieces that you are going to want to covet just around the corner as the temperatures start to drop for Fall. Yes, I just said Fall. While it is in the nineties today in Charlotte, we are already into the Fall retail season. Remember – the early bird…gets the best boots (and on major sale)! While Nordstrom holds half-yearly sales throughout the year, this sale has become legendary for those of us who enjoy outstanding savings on the most exciting new fall merchandise. As a bonus, many of your summer favorites still remain at great discounts.

Please be aware that during the PREVIEW stage, prices that you reflected here WILL NOT show the anniversary sale price until the day of the public sale on August 19. Most items are between 30-60% off with the average being about 50% off the prices reflected below. If you click through from here to the Nordstrom page, it will show the actual preview discount rate.

Remember to sign up for Sale Alerts. If there are items that you like from my selections. Then click on the ‘♡ Get Sale Alert’ and I will alert you every time your item(s) drop in price (like for the anniversary sale)!

Home Edits

We just published our favorite home edits from the anniversary sale. Click here to view bedding & bath, home decor, kitchen & tabletop, and bar deals.

Being Beige

Weekend Edit

Summer Refresh

Walking On the Wild Side

Sleeping In

Check Back Often

I have shopped and bought all in the name of saving you a lot of time (LOL). The only one that does not thank me is my husband. All you have to do is sit back and do a little online shopping while sipping on your favorite beverage and binge-watching your latest Netflix series (personally, I am on my second run-through of Schitt$ Creek and it is even funnier the second time around).

What is listed above are not my only recommendations. I will be updating the GT Pinterest account almost daily with style favorites as more preview options become available from Nordstrom. Also, check back here on the blog each week throughout August for more of my favorites from fashion, beauty and home from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

My mom and I are both going to miss her being my shopping sherpa during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year. Luckily we can have a ‘try-on’ party together over a bottle of bubbly. I suggest you do the same when your Nordy packages arrive. Think of it as your own personal pop-up store with items exclusively from your taste.

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