2020 Fall Fashion Trends

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2020 Fall Fashion Trends

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I remember as a young girl the fun times I had on hay rides, getting lost in a corn maze, selecting the perfect pumpkin to carve, and eating a recently dipped hot caramel apple. As an adult the memories are just as fond, but slightly different. Today, fall is experiencing leaves with colors that span from bright yellow to deep burgundy, a nighttime fire pit with a class of Argentine Malbec, and meticulously picking out decorative pumpkins and wondering if I paid this much last year.

I really do savor the change in seasons. Not only for the new experiences but also for my change in wardrobe. Even though I am a person that utilizes most of my wardrobe across many seasons, there are always those special pieces I look forward to pulling out each year. Plus there are those new pieces I have been eyeing and I happily ‘add to cart.’ Those are the new additions that in some distant year will become the OG’s of my closet as I look back with fond memories and the fun occurrences I had while wearing them.

The 2020 fall fashion trends are a bit more restrained than in past years. As our social circles and entertaining experiences continue to be pared down, our clothing styles reflect these shifts in our daily lifestyle. Fall always triggers soft, cozy and more comfortable clothing styles and this season designers are having to accommodate and embrace this fall characteristic like never before. They are not sacrificing their brand identity, just shifting their approach. This does not mean that everything is a sea of vanilla and everything looks the same. It just means that this season we are a bit more harmonious.

Top 10 Fall 2020 Fashion Trends

  1. Cut-Outs
  2. White Boots
  3. Leather
  4. Camel Shades
  5. Paperbag Pants
  6. Puff Sleeve
  7. Light Wash Denim
  8. Knits
  9. Cargo
  10. Jean Jackets

Savings Tips for Your Fall Outfits

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Sweaters with Cut-Outs

If there were only one look this season that you want to adopt it is the unexpected peek-a-boo of skin. Typically this more sexy look was reserved for cocktail dresses or hot weather pieces, yet, not anymore. These out of the box cut-outs, keyhole, off the shoulder, or one shoulder items are making their way into everyday fall fashions. Look for them in fine knits to chunky sweaters in an array of fall hues. If unsure about wearing these slightly intriguing pieces for Zoom meetings or at your in-laws, then layer it underneath a cardigan or lightweight jacket so you only reveal a hint of exposed skin.

White Boots

Fall is my favorite time of year to wear boots with an outfit. A white or off-white boot has been gaining traction over the past few years and is in full swing this season. This year you will see it in everything from flat to a slender heel. A white or off-white boot can be an unexpected change from basic black. It makes for a chic alternative that will go with virtually everything in your fall wardrobe. Find one with an interesting heel and you are right on trend for the 2020 fall season.


As mentioned in the article, Why Every Woman Needs a Leather Jacket, real leather is from the tanned hides of an animal. This fall’s leather look spans across almost every article of clothing in buttery, soft textures, and rich fall colors. Whether it is pants, dresses, skirts, culottes, shorts, or tops you must have multiple pieces of leather in your wardrobe for this fall and into winter.

If real leather is not for you, do not worry as faux or vegan leather is taking a front seat in the fashion world. No longer is it considered the unrefined relative of real leather. What some are calling ‘mindful luxury’ has become the only option for some top brands. Everlane, Stella McCartney, Free People, H&M, and Zara are just a few brands that offer exclusively or almost entirely vegan leather options. Leather (real or faux) is a dominant and confident material, so wear it with conviction!

Camel Shades

Fall fashion has always emulated the changing hues of the foliage. Yet, this year the dominant color is varying hues of camel. Different brands will label the color different names like chestnut, syrup, brown, cognac, tawny, cinnamon, gingerbread, russet, walnut, or amber. Either way, fall fashions are oozing with this sweet and spicy hue in every wardrobe piece imaginable from clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Puff Sleeve

Whether you’ve had enough of the oversized sleeve or not, you can certainly expect these statement sleeves to stick around for another year or two at the very least. If you are a triangle shape, then the puff sleeve is truly your BFF. Designers started adding it to more summery blouses and dresses a few years ago, yet the puff sleeve is having its heyday in more cozy knits and comfortable fabrics for fall.

Light Wash Denim

After reaching its pinnacle in the 80s, this more casual and informal option was considered a more pedestrian color for quite a while. Like all good things (Dallas reruns for example), they circle back into fashion. The timing of this light wash denim is perfect for the fall season. Wear the lighter wash against the contrasting richer hues of autumn for the perfect pairing (cue the camel shades).


Spending more at home has transitioned many brands to more comfortable clothing. As such, knits are making their way into more unconventional casual pieces as seen in joggers, sweats, and relaxed dresses. Sweaters and cardigans are popular from fine-gauge knits to cable and chunky. The longer cardigan and the coatigan (cardigan and coat combination) is also hitting its stride to rule the 2020 fall fashion trends.


Safari was the ‘it’ item for summer, yet, cargo (sometimes called, utility) items have bumped it aside for the center spot in the casual arena. The cargo pant is a more sophisticated option than the jogger. It can be dressed down with a pair of sneakers or elevate the look with a skinny heel bootie. The same style options hold true for the cargo dress – leave it casual or dress it up. The cargo fashion trend for the 2020 fall season is about expressing a laid-back and yet confident vibe.

Jean Jacket

The denim jacket, similar to the leather jacket, has never gone out of style and it probably never will. Yet this year we are seeing versions that span the spectrum of light to darker washes as well as classic cuts to more on-trend options like the puff sleeve. The jean jacket is everywhere and at every price point. Thus, it should be in every closet. Maybe you should own multiples, as the styles are endless to pair with jeans, shorts, skirts, or dresses. It is a foolproof option.

2020 Fall Fashion Trends Roundup

As we move toward the end of 2020, fall fashion trends seem to be a reassuring reminder to take things a bit slower and appreciate each day. I am excited about the new ultra soft and comfortable additions to my wardrobe. In the future as I look back at 2020 and realize that I not only survived and then conquered, but began to exist on a whole new level.

As always, I am here to answer any questions or help pick out anything you need to transition your clothes into fall or add some new fall favorites to blend with your current collection. I also curate unique looks and gifts based on your needs, personality, occasion, and budget.

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