2019 Fall Fashion Trends If You Are Over 40

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5 Wearable Fall Fashions If You Are Over 40

I recently asked Google what is the correct term to describe a person over the age of 50. I did not like any of the options: old, senior, mature, senior citizen, middle-aged and the most depressing term I encountered…elderly. Yuck. Although I am now a card-carrying AARP member, I do not feel like I relate to any of those terms. It appears the new word mostly accepted by our peers is “older.” I am older. We are all getting older, even a two-year-old gets older every day. From now on, I am going to refer to myself as a “grown-up,” although I use the term loosely. Very loosely.

So what are we to do with fashion trends going forward now that we are all grown up? I say screw it!! I do not think it is about being age-appropriate as much as it is about being seasonally appropriate or occasion appropriate. Trends are there to guide us. Even fashion designers modify their style to create ready-to-wear outfits. At the end of the day, it is about individual style. Showcasing your own personality with your clothes and accessories through designers that you feel a connection with.

Luckily for all of us there are some pleasant, welcoming, and beautiful fall fashion trends to love in 2019. I have narrowed it down to a few that are for nearly any size/type/shape and age. You will be able to grab any of these fall fashions and project your personal vibe. You will fall in love with some of these autumn fashions – even if you are over the age of 40. Trust this grown-up woman, she is a wise one. (Usually)

When In Doubt Put A Bow On It

The lovely bow seems to be the standout in 2019 fall fashion trends. The bow defines a sense of strength and character and yet at the same time oozes femininity. This modern bow has migrated from formal wear into daily wear showing up in more casual fabrics, activewear, and skiwear, just to name a few. Everyone got the memo for the bow fall season. I am seeing a lot of bows loosely tied in longer hair. However, that look is more difficult to pull off for a grown-up. Instead, opt for a bit of jewelry, belt or shoes with bow detailing. For a statement look, try a bow-embellished jacket or dress. You will be guaranteed nods of approval and compliments from your girlfriends and strangers alike.

Ultra Cozy Sweaters for 2019

Big, comfortable, chunky, cozy sweaters are in full array this fall season. Select a solid color rather than a print, so it carries you through the next few years of wearability. Throw on a pair of jeans or a pleated skirt, and you will be right in the thick of the most forward fashion trend of this fall. Look for the mock neck to super, super high turtlenecks in differing cable knit sizes. Taking a cue from this past summers tied and knotted button-downs or t-shirts, now translated into cozy, soft sweaters that have built-in tie waist details on the side or front.

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A Slice of Orange For Every Outfit

Two contradicting color palettes are being spotted in several fall 2019 fashions: Neons and Orange. Let us face it, those of us that grew up in the 80s did neon justice. I should have kept my neon bracelets as just a hint of neon would be so tres chic today. Alas, it is time to let that fashion trend stay with a younger demographic as neon is an extreme tone to wear successfully. Yet orange is reigning supreme this fall and every woman of any age can partake in this crowd-pleasing color. All shades of orange from burnt copper, mango, and sunglow are being represented across every article in your wardrobe. Orange is making an appearance in jewelry, lingerie, handbags, accessories, boots, pants, suits, shirts and dresses this autumn. If you missed it, you must colorblind or a guy (LOL). Orange is literally ablaze for fall fashion.

Ponchos To Fall For

This outerwear piece has been making a prominent statement on the street scene for a couple of years. From its casual start, it has been heavily promoted by many designers this fall season. Honestly, I love a modern poncho. It is different enough to make an impression without being weird. I have always felt it is a versatile and functional part of any fall/winter ensemble. There are very few garments that can span the wardrobe spectrum from everyday casual to evening wear. The right poncho can easily bridge both of these different looks. In colder weather, style with extra long leather or silk gloves for a more formal affair. This versatile piece will blend with your outfit and provide an extra layer of warmth.

Pleats Are Not Just For Schoolgirls

Another major trend this past summer, pleats, will continue to be in the spotlight for several more seasons. From walking the red carpet to pairing it with tennis shoes, the pleated skirt has appeared on the hottest stars. I really love the versatility of a pleated skirt. This skirt typically runs longer (midi or ankle length) and is available in a plethora of colors, patterns, and fabrics (including metallic). This skirt is going to be everywhere again this fall. So we all need to hop on this easy-to-wear trend and have at least one (OK, maybe just two) in our closet this 2019 fall season.

Have Fun With It!

Adopt some of these fall fashion trends and then fuse them with your own individual personality and character to make them unique to you. Some pieces you probably already have in your closet. Have fun, mix and match, do not take it too seriously and play around with some of these trends to create your own grown-up fall fashions.  And be sure to keep checking our fashion section for great ideas throughout the year.