Best Drugstore Beauty Products Under $10

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Best Drugstore Beauty Products Under $10

It was a right of passage when we purchased our first beauty products on our own. For many of us, the drugstore or general merchandise store was the first place we bought makeup, nail polish, and face cream. I was definitely in this camp, as my mom did not use department store brands when I was growing up, and med spa products did not even exist (yes, I am showing my age). When I first started shopping, there was a small area dedicated to beauty. I could load up a little hand-held basket of drugstore beauty products and barely spend $10 total.

Times have changed. Now the beauty section takes up a lot of real estate. In stores like Target, it is typically front and center with countless isles. You could spend hours in this department. Once you get sucked in, it is hard to find your way back out. One afternoon, my husband had to send out a search team to find me. There are still great deals on drugstore beauty products as some of the best are under $10.

Many drugstore beauty products fall into the category, “I can not live without” as they have remained your bestie for decades. These staple products are a true testament that you do not always have to spend more to get a better product. Drugstore beauty products are becoming more sophisticated, with a variety of shades, styles, formulations, and innovative brands being added every year. It is a booming category, so move over toilet paper and multivitamins.

Drugstore brands are the best way to experiment with new looks. It gives you the ability to try a new lipstick shade or beauty tool with minimal financial risk. Two of my favored stores for drugstore beauty products under $10 are Walgreens and Target. I will share some of my tried and true gems at both stores, which I have used, am still using today, or consistently recommend to others.

Walgreens Best Beauty Products Under $10

Walgreens vision is, “To be America’s Most-loved Pharmacy-led Health, Well-being and Beauty Company. Beauty — ding, ding! Some Walgreens even have beauty consultants on staff. Click here to find one in your area. Here are four of my current favs for you to discover too.

  1. Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water – I liked using this cleansing water facial cleanser and makeup remover prior to my higher priced treatment cleanser. Like myself, this product has become a cult favorite. Almost like a magnet effect, the micelles capture and lift away dirt, oil and makeup without any harsh rubbing. It enables my treatment cleanser with multiple benefits to work more effectively because I am starting with a clean slate.
  2. Revlon Kiss Plumping Lip Creme – Almost always in my handbag, this lip plumper plus cream color gives a fuller, smoother looking lips in one gentle, easy step. It is formulated to visibly enhance the size of lips over time.
  3. Walgreens Facial Hair Razors – One of my beauty secrets, dermaplaning. The facial hair razor safely removes peach fuzz and dead skin cells for instantly smoother skin. It is my weekly beauty ritual.
  4. Wet Brush Original Detangler – I mentioned in a previous post, Tips to Prevent Hair Damage as We Get Older, how important it is to gently detangle and care for your hair as each piece becomes more and more precious as we age. This is a revolutionary brush that glides through wet tangles without breakage or pain.

Target’s Best Beauty Products Under $10

You already know my feelings about Target — the deliriously, happy vortex of “Expecting More and Pay Less” shopping that keeps you circling and circling. Well, you can stop the wagons, as I have hand-selected some of my most preferred just for you.

  1. Sonia Kashuk™ Facial Ice Roller – This facial ice roller helps me when I am experiencing any inflammation or redness. It is also a life saver to improve next day puffiness under my eyes after a night of partying. It feels good and the immediate results are addictive.
  2. Blossom Nail Polish Remover – After years of acetone drying out my nails, I was happy to find this organic, plant-based, natural polish remover. It has conditioning essential oils which quickly remove nail polish, while providing a floral scent. Honestly, the scent is one of the best parts.
  3. L.A. Girl Sweet Lip Scrub – I found this lip scrub a few years ago and it quickly became one of my forever beauty staples. By gently buffing away dead skin, you will experience softer and smoother lips.
  4. O’Keeffe’s Relief Hand and Body Set – These nighttime feet and hand creams are the last things I do before I turn off the lights. They heal, relieve, and repair extremely dry hands and feet. You will most likely see visible results after one use. Night, night.

Endless Selection of Inexpensive Beauty Products

Drugstore beauty products have seen a drastic facelift over the past decade. Some locations could rival any Sephora or Ulta. With an updated assortment of new and premium brands alongside your trusted favorites, beautiful things are now happening at drugstores across the country. You can confidently go shopping from home as there are many exclusive online-only incentives from each retailer.

Have fun experimenting with some new products and you will be delighted that there is still change left in your purse. Share your shopping experience in the comment section below and be sure to check out our other post, Where to Find the best Beauty Deals for more great tips. And as always, I am here to answer any beauty questions.